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How to have good mental health during you tough times?

As we all know, life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it can be so beautiful and blissful that we feel blessed. And sometimes it can be equally sad and devastating. Every individual differs from each other in their financial status, personality, way of talking, looks, friends circle, the standard of living are different from each other. Similarly, their sadness, happiness, problems are also different from each other. So let us talk about how to have good mental health in your tough times.

Let us discuss some of the problems that people suffer

  • Some people are sad because of their relationship complications with their loved ones, family, friends.
  • Few suffer due to financial problems and many are even sad because they are not getting what they want.
  • Many individuals compare themselves with others like on social media. They desire of getting branded clothes, big houses, foreign trips, money, etc.
  • Many are worried about their future whether they will get a job or not.
  • Many individuals think about their past and regret and that affects their mental health to the next level. It leads to sadness and even to depression.
  • Many are upset about the lies they have told.

There can be countless problems. Moreover, thousands of people have a thousand problems. The problem changes from age to age but it always exists in our life. We all must accept this fact, that if happiness exists then even tough times also exist. 

Being worried and sad is only the problem, not the solution. It is a fact that whatever happens, happens for good. If you believe in this fact then no one can destroy you. If a problem arises, then look at the challenges and opportunities it brings. Then think deeply about what could be the reason behind this, realize the reason and then think positively that it happened for good. 

Covid and our mental health

Now, if you look at the present situation that is covid 19 which has resulted in lockdown. Everyone has to work from home. It is restricted to go out. No one can meet their friends, relatives.

So basically, it is like a pause in our lives. We cannot dine out, nor we can go to the gym, theatre, parks, malls. Maintaining social distancing and staying home is compulsory. This has resulted in various complications like

Due to the lockdown, people have developed different habits. It adversely affects the mental health of an individual. Many have developed the habit of overthinking, comparison of body physique, glowing and clear skin because of excessive use of social media. 

We cannot blame the person for doing this, it is because of the present scenario. No one is permitted to go out, all are closed in four walls. 

Things that normally happens in case of tough times

  • They overthink, actually, most of us overthink let it be anything. When we talk about the present, that is lockdown most of the individuals from teenagers to adults overthink because they are blocked in their homes and that is human nature to overthink. Normally, we can go out to distract ourselves but in case of a lockdown, we cannot.
  • They compare themselves and affect their mental health even more. Due to the overuse of social media, many youngsters have developed an inferiority complex by comparing themselves to heroes and heroines or it could be anyone. Comparison is the worst thing an individual can do. 
  • Many even stop doing activities or stop following their routine like their daily activities. For instance, if a person is preparing for competitive exams he/she stops preparing for them.
  • Many even think of committing suicide.
  • They get affected by every small thing
  • They feel no one loves them
  • They start thinking about their past mistakes and regret them.

How can you overcome the tough time

  • Meditate

A person who practices meditation every day is the calmest and stress-free. Practice meditation every day in the early morning for few minutes and see the magic. It will not only help you to stay strong and stress-free but it will also help you boost your immune system, maintain your blood pressure. The best part is you do not have to spend hours, just a few minutes, and see the difference.

  • Exercise

When we exercise our brain releases endorphins and serotonin which is a happy hormone. It helps in staying calm in a stressful situation and it also improves the mood. It keeps you energetic all day. It keeps you in shape which makes you confident. It also brings a glow to the face. Eventually, if your face and body look perfect, half of your sadness will fly away.

  • Learn from your past

There are many people in this world who regret their past deeds and that is totally fine because it is human nature to make mistakes. We make mistakes we learn from them and then we move forward. There are many who overthink about it and eventually spoil their mood and that is absolutely wrong, you are not achieving anything by doing this instead you are wasting your time. Learn from your mistakes, correct them and never repeat them. Making mistakes is not wrong but not learning anything from it is bad. So, learn from your mistakes and become strong.

  • Cry

Venting out emotions is the best way to get relief. Cry at night, cry anytime whenever, and wherever you feel like. It will make you light. Moreover, it will reduce the pain. 

  • Communicate  

Talk to your friends, family, or anyone. Sharing problems helps to get relief and improves the mood. They will understand you and provide you with better ideas and thoughts that will automatically boost up your mood.

  • Appreciate

Learn to appreciate whatever you have in your life. Learn to appreciate every small thing. Be thankful. A stressful situation can test your strength and patience. Take care of your mental and physical health. 

  • Stay happy

When you stay happy, you start ignoring all the things which make you sad. Now the question is how to stay happy? It is not that difficult. Do what makes you happy like painting, dancing, talk to your happy people with whom you love to talk. Cherish the happy memories. 

  • Listen to music

Music is a source of entertainment. Furthermore, it is proved that music helps to treat depression, anxiety. It improves your mood. Listen to music every day it will boost up your mood, it will keep you motivated, happy, relaxed, and confident.

  • Keep yourself busy

When you keep yourself busy you forget everything. Study for your future goal or learn something new. Just engage yourself in something. Make a timetable. Follow it strictly and keep yourself engaged.

There could be many things but as a matter of fact, we must learn to accept every situation that arises from nowhere. We must learn the fact that nothing is in our hands. Everything happens for a reason and that reason is for our betterment.

Whatever we are facing now, will make us tougher and stronger in the future. It is a phase. That phase will pass too. Time keeps on moving and it never stops nor waits. It keeps on moving and it brings lots of happiness, problems, challenges, opportunity as it passes. Life is too short to stress about anything. Do your best, stay happy and make it memorable. 

Your tough days are your exam just ace it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What should we do in our free time or during a lockdown?
Ans. Keep yourself engaged with something productive. Make a timetable and follow it. Do what makes you happy like painting, DIY home decoration, dancing, singing, etc.

Ques. How to stay calm in a stressful situation?
Ans. Practice Meditation every day in the early morning. Do exercise regularly, it releases happy hormones that improve your mood and keeps you calm in stressful situations.

Ques. Why do we overthink so much?
Ans. Overthinking is basic human nature. Every individual overthinks about something when they are free or not socializes. Keep yourself busy to avoid overthinking. Do not overthink because what had happened cannot be changed and the future is uncertain. Live in your present and stay happy.

Ques. How can we keep ourselves busy?
Ans. Prepare for your future goal. Learn new things. Watch series, learn new languages, do internships, do cooking, any hobbies, decorate your home, water the plants.

Ques. How to overcome a stressful situation?
Ans. First thing you should do is accept the fact that nothing is in our hands but overcoming the situation is in our hands. Listen to music, meditate, exercise, write something, talk to your friends, cry.

Ques. How to feel confident?
Ans. Workout every day, when you work out every day your skin glows, your body looks perfect which brings confidence, work on your weakness, improve your communication skills, socialize.

Ques. How to stay positive?
Ans. Accept that whatever happens, happens for good and it happens for a reason. We must learn from the mistakes and turn them into an opportunity or take it as a challenge and work on it. What had happened and what will happen nothing is in our hands. What we can do is make ourselves much better, stronger. Time passes, it never stops. Everything will pass with time.

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