Meditation for Anger: Break your Walls of Anger

Anger is an emotion displaying unlikeness towards something or someone. It is a universal emotion felt by every single one of us. This emotion can range from mild to severe; leading to various moments of guilt, regret, sorrow, shame, helplessness.

This emotion can be controlled and regulated by meditation but before that, we need a better understanding of this emotion.

What is Anger?

Anger is an emotion of feeling opposed to something or someone like they have done something wrong to you. It may vary from mild irritation to severe rage and fury.

One can face mild irritation almost every day. It becomes an issue when one gets rageful every day; this could lead to self-hurt, physical harm to others.

How is anger harmful to health?

Anger is an emotion that never really does anything good. Decisions, choices, and actions taken in anger may mostly end badly.

When one feels this emotion the body functions showing a fight and flight response. This causes:

  • High blood pressure
  • Migraine
  • Anxiety
  • Heartache leading to heart attack
  • Chest pain
  • Stroke
  • Skin problems like acne
  • Insomnia
  • Complications may arise in case one has pre-existing diseases.
  • In some cases, it might lead to depression.

What are the causes of Anger?

Various reasons that can lead to anger could be:

  • Stress
  • Situations causing disrespect
  • A situation when feeling attacked
  • Alcoholic nature
  • Financial stress
  • Feeling powerless
  • Mental disorders

Could anger act as a defense mechanism?

Yes, at times anger could be a natural response to a threat. This is evident as the blood pressure rises, heartbeat increases, adrenaline is released. This is similar to the way the body reacts to a threat.

Does anger have types?

Types of anger:

  • Chronic Anger: In this case, the person is dominated by anger which is reflected in his regular behaviors like talking, general gestures, etc.
  • Passive Anger: The person, in this case, doesn’t express his emotion readily. He finds a passive way of expression like sarcasm, apathy, being mean.
  • Aggressive Anger: It can be considered as the opposite of passive anger. Here the expression is very strong like taking means like violence, abusive words.

What can help with Anger issues?

Meditation is the best remedy for anger issues. Various studies show that it can be controlled with the help of mediation.

Whenever a person is faced with situations that trigger their anger they mostly have an escalated heartbeat, uncontrolled breathing, sweating. If this person is asked to meditate and control the anger caused by the trigger the results are wonderful.

A 20 min meditation can bring control over the breath, clear the mind, can calm the nerves, and regulate the heartbeat.

This is proved to be one of the most effective ways as it not only calms us but clears our minds helping with a better thought process, in turn, controlling the anger.

What is meditation? How can it be done?

Meditation is a practice of techniques like mindfulness, focusing on a particular thing/object/activity/ thought creating awareness, attention. This helps in achieving an emotionally stable, mentally clear, and stable state.

It also helps in relaxation and reducing stress.

To meditate the steps are:

  • Sit or lie in a position that is comfortable to you.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Breath naturally, don’t try regulating your breath.
  • Focus on how you inhale and exhale. Avoid any body movements.

Few Ways to Control your Anger

Various steps one can follow to control anger:

  1. Yoga can be done daily: A 15-20 minutes routine regularly can show visible changes in a person’s temper.
  2. Doing Pranayama daily: Pranayam helps reduce mental stress. Practicing Bhastrika, Nadi shodhan can help with anger management.
  3. Deep breathing: Taking deep breaths, closing eyes when feeling agitated or triggered helps reducing it.
  4. Saying hmmm: Makes one feel calm instantly.
  5. Mediaite as regularly as possible
  6. Eat healthily: The healthier one eats the metabolism is better helping the body to function to properly which is vise versa in case of only junk food consumption
  7. Sleep and relax enough.

How can I reduce anger instantly??

Chanting or saying “hmmm” when feeling triggered to be angry can help reduce it instantly. Also closing eyes, taking deep long breaths helps reduce anger.

How to release anger and hate?

If you feel uncontrolled anger and hate for something or someone the best way to vent out could be:

  1. Writing down all your feelings on a piece of paper and burning it or tearing it into bits.
  2. Writing the name of the person or thing that is bothering you on a balloon and popping it. One can do it as many times till they feel satisfied.
  3. Punching a soft toy could help at times.
  4. Crying is one of the best ways of venting out anger.
  5. Using any sports activity to vent out all the negative energy. Like one could play hockey and practice hits to vent out.
  6. Go for a run or jog.
  7. Screaming into a pillow till you feel better.
  8. Scribbling on a paper.

Anger is a complex emotion. It is important that when we are around people who get triggered easily we should check our actions to avoid any discomfort to them.

Anger management is easier said than done. It takes a lot for an individual to identify trigger points and work on oneself. Meditation is one of the easiest ways thus highly recommended.

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