Suicide is not the option! Suicide Prevention, Treatment

Stars can’t shine without darkness, similarly, there wouldn’t be a problem without a solution. Ending one’s life is a Solution! But it’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Suicide is not anyone’s fault, including the person who commits suicide. It is an act of desperation to stop the pain and pain is internal.

A person who completes suicide decides to do so and then follows through because, at that moment, they felt this was the only choice they had. No one can understand the depths of the hopelessness a suicidal person feels at the moment they decide to exit the world.

However, one can make the victim understand the value of life and seek help from the experts available.

What is Suicide?

Suicide, in simple terms, means, “Taking one’s own life willingly or killing oneself intentionally.”

Most people tend to attempt suicide when they feel desperate or at a point when the situation they are in is out of their control. Usually, people who commit suicide are called victims because they senselessly choose death over pain.

Some Survey Reports on Suicide

Globally, 8,00,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is close to one person every forty seconds. India shares 17% of it, which contributes to 1,35,000 victims from India alone. On average, the suicide rate of men is twice that of women, however, there are variations on a regional level.

According to a survey collected by WHO, the major causes of suicides are family problems, illnesses, marriage issues, indebtedness, unemployment, and various other issues.

Warning signs of the Victims

No one likes death, no one wants to die intentionally but if they do so, it shows us that, their life must have been a hell of a ride!

  • Focuses on death

Most of these people talk about deaths sarcastically, they highlight these words, “self-harm”, “dying”, “suicide” or desperate talks.

  • Finding out lethal ways

Seeking access to drugs that kills oneself, knives, hanging ropes, or any other means used for a suicide attempt.

  • Withdraws oneself from surroundings

Isolating oneself from crowd, social media, family, and friends.

  • Mood swings

These people experience various mood swings, sometimes they may be depressed, sometimes anxious, sad, irritable, or aggressive. They can’t be stable.

  • Goodbye Messages

They show their gratitude to people via different means, they unusually make visits or write to them.

  • Self–slaughtering behaviors

Using different means to hurt oneself like driving unsafely, drug usages, or taking unnecessary risks.

Some Ways of Suicide Prevention


Ways to start a conversation :

“You haven’t been yourself lately, you alright?”

“You’re not alone in this, We are here for you.”

“I just wanted to have a chat with you, share whatever you want to”.

Ask a few questions to them and make them feel better and open to you.

Things to do :

  • BE YOURSELF – Don’t fail to show your concern, words do not matter, you sitting right beside them and accompanying them matters.
  • LISTEN –Let him/her vent their feelings, do not stop them. Let their emotions overflow.
  • BE SYMPATHETIC AND NON-JUDGEMENTAL – Let them speak up, don’t judge them. Be calm and stay wide awake.
  • OFFER HOPE– Make them feel they’re worth living and they are valuable, their presence in this world has got some reason.


Things not to do : 

BLAME YOURSELF-You can’t fix their depression, you are in no way responsible for their problems.

PROMISE CONFIDENTIALITY-You can’t keep it a secret, you have to discuss this with an expert and seek their help.

ARGUE WITH THE PERSON-Do not advise. Never advise someone in a desperate state rather stay attentive and listen to them.

  • Respond quickly and smartly. Be brave enough to tackle any crisis.
  • Provide your help, support, and do not let them feel isolated.
  • Seek professional help available online and offline.
  • Be Pro-active.
  • Encourage them.
  • Make many alternative plans to rescue the victim.
  • Remove potential means to harm themselves.
  • Stay connected to them until they recover completely.

Common Suicide Risk Factors Include :

  • Alcohol attraction, drug abuse, and mental sickness.
  • Family history of suicides or a history of trauma and abuse.
  • Chronic illnesses and terminal pain.
  • Social isolation and loneliness.
  • Usage of anti-depressants

Suicide in Teens

Teenage is a bridge that connects childhood and adulthood, it is the most crucial period of one’s life that consists of various mood swings. Major changes occur at this period, teenage years are emotionally tempestuous and stressful. Teenagers face a lot of problems and pressures to fit in and succeed. Their struggles vary from developing low self-esteem or being bullied or they may even feel a sense of alienation. Out of all the pressures they face, depression is the major cause that triggers them to attempt suicide.


  • Withdrawal from their family and friends.
  • Feeling worthless and venting all the time.
  • Developing various eating disorders like Anorexia or binges.
  • Drug and alcoholism.
  • Declining from routine works.
  • Frequently complaining about their life.

One in every four people suffer ailments with their mental health at some point in their lifetime. And at this pandemic due to the Novel Coronavirus and trembled economy, the suicide rates have been drastically increased. We need to know that we will have to help each other at this tough time. Friends and family are the first line of defense in tackling depression and suicides.

Companionship and moral support are the foremost assistance we can give them. We have to keep our loved ones happy and succored. Always feel comfortable to reach out for professional and experts advice available anywhere, suicide helpline number in India is 1-800-273-8255

Well, we hope you found the information worthy of your time. If you want us to answer more of your issues then do comment and let us know.

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