Covid-19 (Corona Virus): Myths and Truth

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have seen or even shared many myths about the deadly coronavirus in our socials. But with that wrong information, many people may have gotten into trouble. So in this article, we have covered all those myths and try to answer them one by one. Please clear all your doubts about the virus from this article and help others with the same.

1. Can Covid-19 be spread through goods manufactured in countries where there is a constant transmission?

In spite of the fact that it can be on the surface for a long time, however, the climate, transportation and fluctuating temperatures during shipment make it troublesome for the infection to stay dynamic. If you feel the surface might be polluted, clean it with a sanitizer and wash your hands after coming into contact with it.

In short, No covid19 cannot be spread through goods manufactured in countries where there is a constant transmission.

2. Can Covid-19 be transmitted through mosquitoes?

No, covid19 cannot be transmitted through mosquitoes. It can be spread through coughing, sneezing, and saliva.

3. How to make sure that clothes don’t spread covid19 infection?

Other than showering each day, you should wash your garments utilizing soap and detergents or in 60-90*C. Dry the garments in a high-temperature dryer or in the sunlight.

4. Can drinking alcohol help prevent Covid-19?

Drinking liquor, like lager, alcohol, wine doesn’t help avoid or fight Covid. You should wash your hands regularly, wear masks, and try not to be near those with a fever and cough.

5. Is it true that Covid-19 is transmitted in cold climates and not in hot climates?

Covid 2019 can be transmitted in any sort of climate. You need to rehearse individual cleanliness, for example, wash your hands regularly, cover your mouth at the point when you sneeze or cough, and wear the mask for your own safety.

6. Can digital thermometers be 100% useful in noticing Covid-19 patients?

It may take the virus 1-14 days to nurture and cause signs like fever, so it can’t be useful to detect asymptomatic patients.

7. Can UV bulbs be used for sanitizing the Covid-19 virus from our body?

No, UV bulbs can’t be used for disinfecting the covid-19 virus, instead, it can irritate your skin.

8. Does spraying alcohol on your body kills the virus inside your body?

No, spraying alcohol on your body will only kill the virus on the surface of the body but it will not kill the virus inside the body.

9. Does eating garlic prevent covid-19?

There is no evidence till now that can prove, that garlic prevents the covid19 virus.

10. Does the Pneumonia vaccine prevent Covid-19?

This infection is new and unique concerning different strains. We need a vaccine that is made for covid19 explicitly. The research group is working on this through the backing of the WHO.

11. Is there any medicine that can prevent and fight Covid-19?

As of now, no medication can prevent and fight covid19. Patients ought to get appropriate and steady care to lighten the treatment. WHO is speeding up research with every one of the accomplices to effectively study the treatment for this illness.


Facts about covid: –

  • Vitamin supplements cannot cure covid-19.
  • No one should wear a mask while exercising.
  • Covid-19 cannot be transmitted through water or swimming.
  • Drinking alcohol does not prevent covid.
  • No one can detect covid by using a thermal scanner.
  • Pepper or any other spices does not prevent covid.
  • Covid cannot be spread through houseflies.
  • Sun exposure doesn’t prevent covid.
  • Holding your breath for 10 seconds or more doesn’t mean you are covid free.
  • Covid can be spread in any climate.
  • People of all ages can be infected by the corona-virus.

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