Asterixis: Flapping hand tremor, Causes, Treatment

Ever heard of Asterixis? Have you seen people suffering from some unusual physical situations like inability to move hands, or uncontrolled shaking of hands? Yes, this strange situation is called Asterixis. What is Asterixis? Asterixis is a disorder of motor control. It is observed when a person is unable to actively maintain a position and suffers from...

Hallucinations: Meaning, Causes, Types, Diagnosis and Treatment

What is a hallucination? Hallucinations are sensations that do not exist in the real world. These sensations are created by a person who is suffering from a sense of hallucination. This can include hearing or auditory perception of different voices, sound or noise that is not real, it also includes the sense of touches like...

Hypothyroidism: Symptoms, Causes, Medication, and more

What is Hypothyroidism? Hypothyroidism commonly causes dry skin. Hypothyroidism is the deficiency of thyroid hormones in which the thyroid gland doesn't produce enough thyroid hormones. It can disrupt things such as heart rate, body temperature, and all aspects of metabolism. It affects the skin by causing swelling and redness on the face known as myxoedema....

Benefits of Cardiovascular Fitness

Cardiovascular fitness is simply related to health it means how much effort and pain you are putting on yourself to keep yourself in a better or a fit state. It is the most important fitness component. It ensures that you can do your daily activities with great ease such as walking or running and...

Cardiovascular Fitness Exercises, Does it Helps in Weight Loss?

Cardiovascular Fitness
For someone who does not know much about the field of medicine or biology might find these words complex. To break them down Cardio means "heart" and vascular stands for a "system or network of blood vessels". The cardiovascular system consists of the working of the heart and the flow of blood in our...

Need of Meditation for College Students

Meditation is a powerful natural treatment that can heal people who fail to control their emotions that result from bad vibrations. It can treat people who suffer from depression and anxiety.Simple Way to MeditateSit or lie comfortably.Close your eyes.Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally, for first take ten normal breaths....

What is Mewing? How it Works? Does it Improves your Jawline

Mewing, a technique that has created a lot of buzz in the online community, is nothing but a form of DIY myofunctional therapy. The concept is as interesting as its name sounds, mewing is primarily to avail oneself of a well-defined jawline and realign their teeth. In the process, it might also make the...

Menstrual Cramps: 8 Effective Home Remedies

Menstruation pain is really one of the biggest nightmares a female can have but wait-a-minute. How would you feel if all your menstrual cramps would 90% vanish by just trying some easy and completely natural home remedies? We know it sounds just amazing!!So why waste any time let's quickly take you those magical cramp...

Homemade Skincare Routine for Extra Glow!

If you want to have a youthful skin in summer or winter, then it is important to have a good skincare routine.And how good it would be if your skincare routine is all-natural!? With natural I mean homemade and that has its own beneļ¬ts like it helps your skin glow, makes it soft, nourishes...


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