What is Mental Training? Benefits of Mental Training for Athletes

Mental Training
As the name suggests, Mental Training is a process through which individuals can improve their attitude and mental skills to perform their best, both physically and mentally. This can be seen as a relationship between your body's physical and mental aspects, wherein you train your mind to help you perform at your level best in...

Cardiovascular Fitness Exercises, Does it Helps in Weight Loss?

For someone who does not know much about the field of medicine or biology might find these words complex. To break them down Cardio means "heart" and vascular stands for a "system or network of blood vessels". The cardiovascular system consists of the working of the heart and the flow of blood in our...

Benefits of Zumba Fitness, Does it Increase Strength?

Zumba is an aerobic activity that ensures the strength and core. It’s a fun activity. As it grooves with music it feels more like a dance than a workout and everyone enjoys doing it. One can enjoy the beat of every type like salsa music, pop music. For Zumba, it’s not necessary to be...


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