Philophobia: Do you fear falling in love? Symptoms, Treatment

Love is something everyone wants it. But then also some are scared to fall into it. It’s not that there’s a problem, but being too trembling possessive makes you a philophobic and you will suffer from philophobia.

So who all are philophobic?
Philophobic is those people who are having philophobia. A phobia simply means being scared or having a fear of something and philophobia means having a fear of love. There are many phobias and it is one of a type. It’s nothing much frightening but terrorizes you when you are becoming emotionally connected to any person.

Symptoms of Philophobia

It’s not really a difficult task to track down its symptoms and can be frequently observed in our daily day to day life such as-

  • Panic: Start to panic when hearing about love or when others around you are falling into love.
  • Suffocation: Unable to breathe and heartbeat starts increasing when you discover love around you.
  • Concern: You are afraid that the person with whom you are in love will leave you or deceive you someday for someone else due to which you start running away from love.
  • Distrust: Afraid that the person whom you are in love with will cheat you someday so you are not able to trust that person.
  • Sweating: If a person approaches you to reveal his love for you, you start sweating, shaking, and starts avoiding him/her.

Causes that Made you Affected:  

Suddenly one day your doctor approaches you and tells you that you are suffering from philophobia, you don’t know about it, don’t know what to do, a new word just added into your book. A new complex psychological phobia fear from love, a feeling that everyone wants to feel that makes every heartbeat skip. No matter what at a particular stage you want to discover it.

Till now its causes are unknown but some of the causes that doctors have figured out are –

  • Past experience: If in the past a person has gone through a broken relationship or a turmoil of bad experience in a relationship, then they are more prone to suffer from this phobia.
  • Environment: Your surroundings can also affect the way you feel about love And can switch your thinking in the negative direction.
  • Genes: If your past generations have also suffered from this phobia then you are more inclined to be affected by it as it has affected your DNA.
  • Youth: If at the very tender age you have seen, heard, or gone through broken relationships then it has a much longer effect on your brain making you run away from it.
  • Broken promises: If in the past a person you loved a lot had left you due to some reasons and you were greatly affected by it so now you don’t want to be emotionally connected with anyone as you are afraid that they will also leave you one day.

How much serious is it?

It’s not a simple phobia and neglecting it won’t do any good. The phobia will just get worse in the future if treated as a leftover in the present. It will often or surely will become a major obstacle in the future if not treated at the right time.

  • It can fade away from your dream of living a beautiful loving life with your partner.
  • It can become a major barrier by driving you away from communication skills.
  • It can act as a broken bridge between dreams and real life.
  • It can make you an introvert by squeezing you up in a small confined area. So it’s really very important to refer a mental health care for proper treatment.



It’s not a show in which only doctors have to perform you also have to give you 100% if you want to make the most out of yourself and achieve that dream you always thought in your dreams. Some of the treatments are –

1. Talk therapy
One of the most popular methods used by a psychotherapist to treat philophobia is talk therapy. It is a form of therapy performed by a licensed psychologist. In this method, the doctor tries to vanish away the fear of a person about love through friendly conversations.

2. Medications
A lot of times to boost up the treatment the doctors recommend their patients to take some medicines along with their therapy so that they can vanish their fear of love as fast as they can. Some of the popular medicines or catalysts recommended by doctors are

  • Beta-blockers
  • Antidepressants
  • Tranquilizers

Now let’s jump into questions that may arise in many brains 

Ques 1. Is philophobia a rare phobia?
Ans. It’s not a rare phobia and anyone can be affected by it if they have gone through a turmoil of bad experiences in a relationship that have been directly or indirectly taken place due to love. 

Ques 2. How much time does it require to get cured?
Ans. There is no specific time limit as to how much time will it take to get cured. It depends on which stage you are and how much time your therapist thinks they should give to you.

Ques 3. Can it be fully cured?
Ans. It depends on how effective your therapy is and how much persistent you are to cure yourself and to fade away from your fear of love.

Ques 4. Is the treatment effective?
Ans. Yes, all the treatments and therapy mentioned above are really useful but it’s not only the treatment but how much effort you yourself are taking to cure it.

Ques 5. Is it possible that after a proper treatment this phobia can still affect me?
Ans. It can only be possible if you have not taken enough pains to gain your desired outcome. You must have thought that your phobia has vanished but it was somewhere hidden inside you. So you should consult your therapist again and this time can really make this phobia go away.

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