Monophobia: Are You Alone? Symptoms, Treatment

The idea of spending time with others is nice however eventually once an explicit purpose you have got to finish up alone.

‘Alone’ having nobody else with you.

It appears ok for many of the folks except for some it’s sort of a entice and it seems to be a phobic disorder. The phobic disorder of being alone is understood as MONOPHOBIA, and it is often cured as every different phobic disorder. 

What is Monophobia?

Monophobia is that the concern of being alone. it is additionally referred to as autophobia, isolophobia, eremophobia. folks with monophobia desire they have another person to feel safe.

  • In some cases, folks have the concern of living alone.
  • In some cases, folks have the concern of being alone reception or at public places.

A person with monophobia thinks that they’re going to die or do one thing unhealthy if they’re not with a trustworthy person. Monophobia isn’t an official diagnosis. It can not be treated by a diagnose unless it is over the line.

Symptoms of Monophobia

The symptoms of monophobia happen in a very person after they get into matters within which they assume they might find themselves alone. Monophobia affects folks each physically and mentally. Symptoms of monophobia are-

  • Obsessively worrying about being alone
  • Feeling detached from your own body
  • Feeling extreme terror once alone or in a very scenario wherever they’re going to be alone presently.
  • Anticipating unessential loneliness
  • Shaking and sweating whereas being alone
  • Chest pain
  • Hyperventilation
  • Dizziness
  • Excessive concern
  • High perspiration
  • Increase in heartbeat
  • Panic attack
  • Depression
  • Fear of falling
  • Fear of dying
  • Fear of safety
  • Nausea
  • Feelings of dread
  • Intense quantity of apprehension and anxiety
  • Fainting once alone
  • Unable to assume clearly
  • Fear of losing mind
  • Dry mouth
  • Numbness

What Causes the Fear of Being Alone?

Fear of being alone is often caused by several things like-

  • Fear of being alone publicly also can be associated with phobia or phobia.
  • Genetic
  • Unwanted reminiscences
  • Feeling of inadequacy
  • The high rate in a very explicit space
  • Bad expertise throughout childhood
  • Poor economic factors
  • Poor housing

Complications that one can face:

  • Children have a lot of risk in comparison to adults
  • The traumatic scenario will panic a sufferer
  • Panic attacks are common
  • Negative impact on a person life
  • Anxiety disorders will seem
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • High force per unit area
  • Different diseases

Treatment of Monophobia

Coping from any phobic disorder is tough however not possible. Like different phobias monophobia can be treated also. Following are the ways to address monophobia

  • Prepare yourself to face concern
  • Talk to your family and friends
  • Talk medical aid
  • Learn solitude
  • Stop avoiding your fears
  • Join any support teams that assist you to address monophobia
  • Be with those who have already overcome the concern of monophobia.
  • Keep yourself healthy
  • Take care of yourself!

Some Facts Related to Monophobia

  • In the United States of America around twelve.5% of adults expertise monophobia.
  • Monophobia is often treated by own. No skilled assistance is required to address this phobic disorder.
  • Through anxiety take a look at the person who is often tested for monophobia.


Ques. Is monophobia fatal like borderline disorder or bipolar?
Ans. Unlike Borderline disorder or manic-depressive psychosis, monophobia isn’t that fatal. If someone uses alcohol or the other medication to feel smart something is often fatal for him/her. Doing medication cannot cure your phobic disorder it solely works as a threat to your life. If the sufferer doesn’t receive the proper treatment for any phobic disorder or sickness then it will cause death. If truth be told monophobia is often treated by the sufferer him/herself while not seeking any skilled facilitate. therefore it’s straightforward to address monophobia as a result of it’s not as fatal as borderline or manic-depressive psychosis.

Ques. How to take a look at Monophobia?
Ans. The monophobia is often taken a look at through the anxiety test. knowledgeable will a physical examination, raise some queries associated with symptoms, biopsy, etc. which can assist you to seek out If you’re tormented by monophobia or not at the end, monophobia is often treated simply by the sufferer, therefore, no take a look at is required unless it’s over the road.

Ques. What are the main complications of Monophobia?
Ans. Like any different phobic disorder, monophobia even has some complications. Like if someone is alone and tormented by monophobia will get a fear, he/she will get faint, force per unit area is often increasing or the other physical unhealthiness will happen. like every different phobic disorder, monophobia also can impact your personal life. Your relationships are often ruined, your social life is often disturbed. It additionally impacts a lot of youngsters as compared to adults. therefore monophobia even has some dangerous complications.

So this was all concerning Monophobia. We hope you prefer the data.

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