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How to Increase Oxygen Level: Home Remedies [Covid Alert!!]

Oxygen therapy in covid19

Nowadays everybody is concerned about their oxygen level and is surfing the internet to find ways to increase their oxygen level. But, the main question everybody is asking that why and when the oxygen is needed in covid infection. As you are aware that covid infection is divided into mild, moderate, and severe categories.

The mild covid infection will not require oxygen, the ones who have a moderate or severe infection, however, will require oxygen at different levels.

Secondly, everybody wants to know what are the symptoms indicating that oxygen is required, for a layman who is sitting at home and has a covid infection, so how do they know?

There are two very clear ways: –

  1. Breathing rate (Breathing rate should be more than 24 breaths a minute)
  2. Oxygen level (It should be measured by a pulse oximeter, if a pulse oximeter says oxygen level less than 94. In that case you need oxygen)

It is recommended to go to a hospital if your oxygen level falls but in the current situation getting a bed in any hospital is very tough because almost all the hospitals are full and have a huge waiting line. So, in situations like these, you got to use some traditional and homemade remedies and exercise.

There are few easy exercises that will help us maintain our oxygen level and restore lung functions. These exercises are helpful for patients with gentle indications of COVID-19.

Exercises like pursed-lip breathing, belly sleeping, walking, and thoracic expansion are useful to keep the lungs solid. These activities ought to be continued to keep up the oxygen levels in the body and furthermore to regenerate the lung capacities.

Some of these exercises are discussed below:

Pursed Lip Breathing

increase oxygen level

When you suffer a breathing problem, pursed-lip breathing supports get additional oxygen into your lungs and helps you calm down so you can control your breathing properly. To exercise pursed-lip breathing, settle down on a chair and relax your neck muscles and shoulder muscles. Start Breathing slowly from your nose, while keeping your mouth closed.

Belly Sleeping

Turn over the belly and lay down front-facing, placing pillows under your head, chest, knees, or feet as required. Lay on your front for as long as you can, altering position every one hour for comfort.

Here are some pictures demonstrating few other useful exercises to boost up your oxygen level while lying on the bed.                             

increase oxygen level
Source: NHS foundation trust    


  • Keep your chest and shoulders relaxed.
  • Take a slow and deep breath in, from your nose if you can.
  • After inhaling slowly, hold the air in your lungs for few seconds before breathing out the air.
increase oxygen level

Home Remedy / Traditional Remedy

Kapoor(camphor), lavang(clove), ajwain(carom seeds), few drops eucalyptus oil(Nilgiri tel). Make a bundle of it and keep smelling it the whole day. This helps in increasing oxygen levels. This bundle is usually given to travelers in Ladakh when the oxygen level is low.

Food you can eat to increase your oxygen level 

To increase your oxygen level and immunity against COVID-19 try eating fresh and steamed vegetables like: –

  • Spinach
  • Bell peppers
  • Potatoes
  • Carrots
  • Green beans

Things to do when you’ve tested positive for covid19 or have symptoms: –

  • Wrap a warm cloth around your neck.
  • Use a separate washroom.
  • Have a mixed diet, Include dry fruits and food rich in proteins.
  • Don’t skip your meals.
  • Use disposable dishes and glasses for your meal.
  • Try to get proper sleep.
  • Sleep on your stomach until you get rid of covid19.

Medicines you can take (**consult your doctor before taking any medicine): –

  • Zincovit syrup (two spoons after breakfast and two after dinner).
  • Vitamin C chewable (one tablet after lunch).
  • Paracetamol (one tablet in case of fever).
  • Menthol granules (dissolve while taking steam).
  • Azithromycin 250mg (for throat).

The food you can have when you are suffering from covid19: –

  • 1-2 eggs every day
  • Banana and avocado
  • Potassium drinks
  • Water with electrolytes
  • Water with lemon and honey
  • Peppermint tea
  • Apple cider
  • No milk products or pork.
  • Drink smoothies (blueberries, strawberries, bananas, honey, and a spoon of peanut butter).

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