Bok Choy: Health Benefits, Nutrients, and Cooking

Studies have shown that those people who eat more bok choy which is a cruciferous vegetable have a lower risk of developing cancer as it has anti-cancer properties and is full of antioxidants and other compounds that help in promoting better health.  What is bok choy? Bok choy is a Chinese white cabbage that belongs...

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Arugula Health Benefits, Rocket Leaves, and Their Use

What is Arugula? Arugula is a type of green leaf that is used as a medicine in ancient times. It is also known as garden rocket or rocket leaves. Now, this is being used as an ingredient in many of the Italian cuisines like salads, pasta, etc. It has a spicy, peppery, and slightly tart...

Natural Weight Gainer: Do they have any side effects?

weight gainer
In today's generation where everyone is finding a way to lose weight, some of us are still trying to gain enough for the perfect BMI. It's like gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight.  Though body positivity is ruling its way through our hearts; for some, it's just a way to build confidence....

Balanced Diet – How to maintain it and its Importance

Two of the necessities to sustain life are food and water, however, that doesn't mean we want special food to sustain. Basic food works likewise. For instance, you can't be alive if you eat only eggs simply because they're healthy. You need to have a properly balanced diet to live a healthy life. A...

No Carbs Diet and its Role

no carbs diet
What is a carbohydrate? Carbohydrates or carbs are sugar molecules. When they are put together with proteins and fats they give out the three main nutrients found in foods and drinks. Carbohydrates, whose reduced form is glucose, are the main source of energy for the body’s cells, tissues, and organs. What does a no carbohydrate diet...

Bird flu: Will Avian Flu Harm You? Symptoms, Treatment

Table of Contents Taking a sip of coffee, open your newspaper, and reading all this disastrous news about bird flu to know what's happening in this era… now there's nothing we can do about it but we can just know about it and take precautions to be safe from it.So now dive into this article...

Face Packs: Women and Men

Face masks and face pack are one of my favorite skincare products. They're easy to apply and gives a toned and tightened skin after a single-use.Let's see how to make a few face masks using things available in every household. Table of Contents Best organic skincare MamaEarth products: MOST EFFECTIVE FACE MASKS : MULTANI MITTI FACE PACK...

Boost Immunity Naturally

Cold, cough and viral are the 3 most hated and easily attracting diseases everyone hates and it is a fact that the more you take artificial supplements as medicine the more your immunity degrades and this rapid degradation of your immune system makes your body more prone to diseases. So to solve this problem here...

Best MamaEarth Skincare Products

In this world full of crafty things everyone needs something trustworthy, and when it comes to your beauty then there is nothing better than “Mamaearth”. It is a brand that develops products from world-class research and attempts to solve every little problem that everyone faces, especially the young generation’, and makes personal care products...


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