Benefits of Zumba Fitness, Does it Increase Strength?

Zumba is an aerobic activity that ensures the strength and core. It’s a fun activity. As it grooves with music it feels more like a dance than a workout and everyone enjoys doing it. One can enjoy the beat of every type like salsa music, pop music. For Zumba, it’s not necessary to be a good dancer. You can just move on the beats. This is the fact why Zumba Fitness is so popular.

There are different kinds of Zumba classes. There are even Zumba classes for children. It increases flexibility, one can lose a lot of calories from Zumba classes, it can be helpful for several different kinds of diseases. It melts down the fat, strengthens your core, more like cardio. This is an alternative to physical exercise, designed to do in a large group.

The intensity of the workout can be high or low depending upon the steps to boost the cardio.

The Area it Targets:

  • Core – It targets the core, in a workout most of the exercises or steps focus on the core and strengthens it.
  • Legs – Workout targets legs too, as it involves jumping, lunges, and many more
  • Arms – For arms, there is a special type of weight toning process, not every class can target arms.


Can Anyone do This?

Most probably yes. Doing Zumba if you have diabetes is a good thing as it can help you losing weight. Besides losing weight it also helps in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol that can help in heart diseases. For knee, joint, back pain you should talk or consult with your doctor. You should tell to the trainer about your health condition from which he or she can give you the moves or steps according to that.

It is not considered to be a sport. It has a high impact as the dance moves involve jumping lunges and all. It is considered to be a good cardio workout. These classes can also enhance your social skill as this is a group activity. Very good concept for beginners as it’s more like a dance in which one only has to move in beats. You don’t even need any kind of equipment for this. You have to enroll yourself in these classes as they are choreographed although you can buy a DVD or download the video for learning the steps.

Almost every class is about 45 to 60 minutes. These are more often hosted by a gym or fitness center. Also enhances the social skill as done in a group.



  • Accessibility: These are very accessible in any of the gym or fitness centers, even if you don’t want to go out of your house you can purchase DVDs and can do it in your very own house comfortably.
  • Cost: talking about the cost, if you are a member of a gym may be the cost is included in your membership only or if you are not you have to pay and the cost varies from place to place, buying a DVD will cost you once only if you are going to do in your home.
  • General health: doing this type of workout is fun and even it helps in controlling your health condition like diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart diseases too.
  • Safe: this is a type of workout which is not harmful to a person even if he or she has some disability. This workout can even be performed while sitting in a wheelchair.


  • Doesn’t work for the entire body: this workout did not target in every body part it targets only some part which includes leg, core, glutes.


This type of fitness is considered as an effective type of physical work. Moving along the beats is also considered to be very good in building endurance just after a few workouts. It is adaptable to nearly everyone of every age. It can surely help you improve coordination, as your arms and legs are moving in different directions it is a deal of good coordination and by the time the coordination will be improved.


Ques. Pregnant women can do Zumba?
Ans. If you are doing Zumba before your pregnancy then you can continue but with a little change for safety.

Ques. Can I lose weight by doing Zumba?
Ans. Yes, you can lose a lot of calories and surely can lose is a good way of losing weight.

Ques. Can I do it if I am depressed?
Ans. Yes, it is a great and fun activity that can de−stress you.

Ques. Do we need any types of equipment?
Ans. No, you don’t need any type of equipment while performing it just a pair of sneakers is required.

Ques. Can it make a person confident?
Ans. I think this the best way to boost your confidence as it tones up your body, changes mood, improved coordination, and you will surely feel confident about yourself.

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