Toothache: 7 Effective Home Remedies for Emergency Relief

What is the reason for a toothache?

Toothache is one of the most common issues nowadays, the major reason for a painful toothache is tooth decay. For a toothache, the decay might be significant to reach the inner layer of it and cause dentin. Therefore it is really important to maintain good dental hygiene. 

Dental hygiene is really important for all of us to eat well and enjoy good food. 

Good oral and dental hygiene is important as it protects us from dental plaque and other dental problems. Plaque is a layer of bacteria and food that builds on our teeth if do not keep good dental hygiene.

Home remedies can help you out for getting relief from the toothache instantly. 

Major causes of toothache:

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Abscessed tooth
  3. Damaged filling 
  4. Tooth fracture 
  5. Grinding motions 
  6. Infected gums 

Symptoms of toothache:

  1. Tooth pain is sharp and constant 
  2. Swelling gums 
  3. Fever and headache 
  4. Foul-tasting drainage from an infected tooth.

Some Home Remedies for Toothache

It is very important to figure out the root cause of the toothache for finding the perfect home remedy solution. 

Some home remedies are:

  • Saltwater rinse
    For many people, salt water rinse is the best treatment. Saltwater in natural disinfectant. It helps loosen food particles that may be stuck between your teeth. It also helps in inflammation and heals oral wounds.
    • To use this as a solution, just mix ½ spoon of salt in I glass of lukewarm water and use it as a mouth wash.
  • Hydrogen peroxide rinse
    This rinse also helps to relieve pain and inflammation, It reduces plaque and bleeding gums and also kills the bacteria.
    • To use this: Just make sure you properly dilute the hydrogen peroxide properly, for this mix 3 percent of it with equal parts in water, and use it as a mouth wash.
  • Cold compress
    A cold compress can relieve you from the pain you’ve been experiencing. When you apply a cold compress, it constricts the blood vessel which reduces the pain and makes it less severe. It can also reduce inflammation.
    • To use this, wrap ice cubes in a towel and hold them at the infected place for a minimum of 20 minutes.
  • Peppermint tea bags
    It is used to numb pain and cures sensitive gums.
    • To use this, let the tea bag cool down before applying it, and it should be slightly warm. You can also use it as cool, to do this keep it in the refrigerator and lightly apply it to your teeth.
  • Garlic
    Garlic is well known for its medicinal properties, not only that it can also kill harmful bacteria. It kills bacteria that cause dental plaque and also is a pain reliever.
    • To use this crush the garlic cloves and make a paste, apply the paste to the infected area.
  • Wheatgrass
    It contains alcohol, that helps to numb pain. It is a proven antioxidant and a good healer.
    • To use this dab a little bit of vanilla on a cotton ball and apply it.
  • Clove
    Even in history, love has been effectively used to treat tooth pain and numb it to reduce inflammation. It is an antiseptic as it contains eugenol.
    • To use it, dab the cotton ball into clove oil and apply it or bite the clove between the infected teeth area. Apply thrice a week. You can also drop a little amount of clove oil into the water and use it as a mouth wash.

Some other solutions:

  • Guava leaves
    It has anti-inflammatory properties and can help in healing wounds. It also has antimicrobial activity that helps in aiding oral care.
    • To use it: you can chew the leave or crush the leaves into boing water and make a mouth wash.
  • Wheatgrass
    It has countless healing properties and can prevent mouth infections. It has the properties to heal your body internally is consumed by the person. Its high chlorophyll content fights bacteria
    • To use it: Use it as mouth wash by mixing it in water 
  • Thyme
    Thyme has powerful antioxidant and antibacterial properties.
    • To use it: Dab essential oil of thyme and water in the cotton ball and apply it to the affected area. You can also use it as a mouthwash by adding few drops of oil into the water and using it as a mouth wash.

When to see your dentist

If your toothache is severe then you might need a consultation with a doctor. You may need a doctor so that it can be treated properly. A counter-pain reliever like ibuprofen may help you till the time you see a dentist. 

You should especially see a dentist if you have the following symptoms:

  • Swelling 
  • Fever 
  • Trouble in swallowing and breathing 
  •  Pain while chewing or biting food 
  • Red or bleeding gums 
  • Foul tasting discharge from your mouth (or pus)

So this was all about toothache and several home remedies to cure it.

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