Mucormycosis: Black Fungus terrifying Covid Patients in India

Corona is one of the most dangerous viruses in recent times. Everyone just wants to stay safe from the corona virus because it’s changing its symptoms, causes, and what not. There are many side effects of the corona virus. Post covid health issues are increasing day by day, the death rate is increasing rapidly and now Mucormycosis which is also known as the black fungus is threatening people in India with its mass spreading.

People are getting black, white, and yellow fungus issues after they are recovered from corona virus, which means these are the post covid problems in recovered patients and the patients who are recovered.

White and yellow fungus is said to be more dangerous than black fungus. A lot of research has to be done before treating white and yellow fungus.

The difference between these fungi is black fungus appear in black color, white fungus in white color, and yellow in yellow color.

Symptoms and causes of these fungi are almost the same. The difference between them is the risk factors. Yellow and white fungus is dangerous than black fungus and they all can be caused because of corona virus.

Now, let’s learn about Mucormycosis (black fungus)-

What is mucormycosis or black fungus infection in the time of corona?

It is an infection that causes darkening near and over the nose, blurry vision, pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing, and coughing blood.

Can someone get black fungus without suffering from covid?

Yes, anyone with poor immune system can suffer from black fungus infection but not everyone with poor immune system will suffer from this mucormycosis.

Is mucormycosis (black fungus) curable?

Yes, it can be treated if identified at the early stage of the infection.

How many cases of black fungus are found in covid patients?

Somewhere around 8,848 cases have been detected in India as of May 21.

Can someone get mucormycosis staying at their home?

Yes, by inhaling fungal spores. You can get infected by black fungus in the hospital as well as in your home.

Is it possible to treat the black fungus infection at home?

It has been said that medicines cannot be bought from the medical stores because treating black fungal at home is not possible.

Can mucormycosis be transmitted?

Yes, it can be transmitted through fungal spores in the environment and through cuts, burns, and scraps on the body.

How is this fungus spreading?

Mucormycosis can be caused by fungal spores found in soil and organic substance; one can also inhale it from the air.

Can mask be the reason for black fungus?

Yes, it can cause black fungus if someone is using a same mask for more than 2 weeks with out proper hygiene

Can this fungus spread through food?

It is found in air, water and food.

What are the preventions for black fungus?

– Wear double masks.
– Stay clean and hygienic.
– Don’t visit construction sites.
– Wash vegetables and fruits before using.

What are the symptoms of black fungus?

It is an infection that causes darkening near and over the nose, blurry vision, pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing, and coughing blood.

Which injection do doctors use for treating black fungus?

Liposomal Amphotericin B

What else black fungus can be called?


What can be the cause of this fungus?

– Poor hygiene.
– Unsanitary conditions.
– Inhaling fungal spores present in the air.

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