Philophobia: Do you fear falling in love? Symptoms, Treatment

Love is something everyone wants it. But then also some are scared to fall into it. It’s not that there's a problem, but being too trembling possessive makes you a philophobic and you will suffer from philophobia.So who all are philophobic? Philophobic is those people who are having philophobia. A phobia simply means being scared...

Gynophobia: The Fear of Women, Symptoms, Treatment

Is female a gender that makes you feel scared, terrified, and shattered. Does it make you feel unconscious? Then you are on the right page as you are suffering from a phobia called GYNOPHOBIA.What is Gynophobia? Basically, phobia means scared or being terrified of something and gynophobia simply means fear of women. There are...

Androphobia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Everyone fears something in their life. Some are afraid of being left alone, few fear failure, heights, darkness, crowd, certain animals, or situations. Fear is one of the basic human emotions and when this fear becomes irrational and uncontrollable it hinders our productivity and interferes in our daily life. And that is called having...

Hemophobia: The Fear of Blood!! [Causes, Treatment]

Hemophobia comprises of two words hemo and phobia, hemo means "blood" and phobia means "fear", which means fear of blood. People can feel uneasy, breathless from time to time. This can have a serious impact on the patient’s life. One should never skip an appointment with a doctor regarding any phobia.SymptomsAll types of phobias...

Nyctophobia – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness, This term is derived from two Greek words, "nyx" meaning night, and "Phobos" meaning fear.Fear changes into a phobia when the fear becomes too extensive and irrational another way of classifying fear into phobia is by the scale of impact in plays in day-to-day life.Nyctophobia, which refers to...

Acrophobia: The Fear of Height (Symptoms, Treatment)

What is acrophobia? Acrophobia is the fear of heights. The term “acrophobia” is derived from the Greek word Akron meaning summit, peak, or edge, and phobia meaning fear. Acrophobia branches from the category of specific phobias named space and motion discomfort.In this particular type of phobia, people with this experience a natural fear when exposed...

Pyrophobia: The Fear of Fire, Treatment, Causes

Pyrophobia is the fear of fire. This type of phobia is not common thus, pyrophobia is a unique type of phobia that can affect a person's daily life functioning while also causing anxiety disorder or panic attacks. Even if a person knows that the thing will not be dangerous, they face problems while visualizing...

Aquaphobia: The Fear of Water [Help Me!!]

Even though water is considered as a source of exciting fun and enjoyment, for some people visiting places like water parks or coastal areas is not less than a nightmare. Such people face an extreme, irrational, and insistent threat of water called ‘aquaphobia’. Most of us have a fear when it comes to water....

Autophobia: The Fear of Being Alone

The fear of being lonely or alone is called autophobia or monophobia. It could be caused due to excess anxiety, depression, or going through a paranormal activity or even loving loved ones. An abnormal and persistent fear of the loneliness of being alone. They may worry about impostors, weird noises, or the possibility of...

Body Dysmorphic Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments

Table of Contents What Is Body Dysmorphic Disorder? Body Dysmorphic Disorder is a disorder related to mental health in which you continuously think about the flaws in your appearance that are minor or even unnoticed.But it still makes you embarrassed, ashamed, and uncomfortable due to which you avoid social gatherings and try to live more of...


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