Trypophobia: Is Fear of Holes and Pattern Real? Its Triggers

Have you ever noticed some people getting sick or acting weird on seeing aggregates of small holes, weird patterns, or small holes? Yes, it does happen. There is a specific term given to such fear or irritation named Trypophobia.If you too face a sudden irritation on seeing holes or small insects stuck together then...

Stygiophobia: The Fear of Hell, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Introduction to StygiophobiaThey say that the first and the last pages of our lives are already filled by god and all we have to do is to fill in the blank pages in between them in the way we love. But most of us fail to do so, we always tend to think of...

Nyctophobia – Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Nyctophobia is the fear of darkness, This term is derived from two Greek words, "nyx" meaning night, and "Phobos" meaning fear.Fear changes into a phobia when the fear becomes too extensive and irrational another way of classifying fear into phobia is by the scale of impact in plays in day-to-day life.Nyctophobia, which refers to...

Chronophobia: Fear of Time, Symptoms, Treatment and Causes

We all must have encountered some occasions in our life where we realize that time seems to pass like a flash. This awareness can point us out of our mortality. Of course, it is impossible to get back the time elapsed and also to predict the future. This untold future generates fear for many...

Gynophobia: The Fear of Women, Symptoms, Treatment

Is female a gender that makes you feel scared, terrified, and shattered. Does it make you feel unconscious? Then you are on the right page as you are suffering from a phobia called GYNOPHOBIA.What is Gynophobia? Basically, phobia means scared or being terrified of something and gynophobia simply means fear of women. There are...

Cibophobia – Causes, Symptoms, & Treatment

How would you feel if your mind develops some kind of fear for food that is the basic necessity of one's life? Yes, it is true!! Such type of phobia does exist and is given the name of Cibophobia.We know it is scary to hear about it but don't you worry, here we are...

Gamophobia: Definition, Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Many of us fear commitment in relationships. Some just clear their thoughts when they find the right time, but some fear commitment. They do not just lack courage or confidence but they have a real phobia. This phobia is Gamophobia.  What is Gamophobia? The definition of gamophobia is the fear of getting married or being in...

Philophobia: Do you fear falling in love? Symptoms, Treatment

Love is something everyone wants it. But then also some are scared to fall into it. It’s not that there's a problem, but being too trembling possessive makes you a philophobic and you will suffer from philophobia.So who all are philophobic? Philophobic is those people who are having philophobia. A phobia simply means being scared...

Agoraphobia: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

What is Agoraphobia? Agoraphobia is a phobia that simply means the fear that causes anxiety disorder when people feel trapped, embarrassed, helpless, or scared. This can also force people to avoid places and situations that make them feel suffocated. The people suffering from this phobia often find themselves in a stressful situation.In many cases, this...

Autophobia: The Fear of Being Alone

The fear of being lonely or alone is called autophobia or monophobia. It could be caused due to excess anxiety, depression, or going through a paranormal activity or even loving loved ones. An abnormal and persistent fear of the loneliness of being alone. They may worry about impostors, weird noises, or the possibility of...


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