Depression Treatment: Some Hobbies for Coping Depression

Depression is named a mindset problem. It is very well might be depicted as sensations of misery, misfortune, or outrage that meddle with an individual's regular exercises. It's likewise genuinely normal. Individuals unexpectedly experience depression. It might interrupt day-by-day work, bringing about lost time and lower usefulness. It can likewise impact connections and some...

Catatonic Schizophrenia: Symptoms, Definition, Causes

Have you ever wondered why do our friends act weirdly at times, don’t worry they might be a case of Catatonia? Are you all hearing the word for the first time? Well, the term we are talking about here is known as Catatonic Schizophrenia or the “Mental Illness”. What is Catatonic Schizophrenia Schizophrenia is a mental...

Gaslighting: What is it and where to get help from

What is gaslighting? Gaslighting is often denoted as psychological and emotional abuse where a person's beliefs, thoughts, and memories are manipulated or confused into hallucinations. People who are experiencing gaslighting often go through the state of being confused, anxious, or unable to believe themselves. A person who is a victim of gaslighting often questions their...

Philophobia: Do you fear falling in love? Symptoms, Treatment

Love is something everyone wants it. But then also some are scared to fall into it. It’s not that there's a problem, but being too trembling possessive makes you a philophobic and you will suffer from philophobia.So who all are philophobic? Philophobic is those people who are having philophobia. A phobia simply means being scared...

Social Media Detox for Teens in 2021

Today detox has become our go-to word whenever we talk about getting rid of any habit of ours, for example going on an organic diet after partying calling it a detox.Well, detox is short for detoxification. A short period of time or days where one follows a particular routine. What is Social Media? They are websites...

What is Trauma? Types of Traumatic Events and More

As we live each day of our lives we come across various incidents, for some, we take a pause and let them register, whereas the rest are just fleeting moments. Some incidents out of these may be traumatic. Traumatic events lead to trauma.Small moments like being catcalled, domestic abuse, burglary, assault, bullying, covid, etc....

Paranormal Activity: All that you need to know

Paranormal activity is a phenomenon described in popular culture, folks, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose understanding is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. A few examples of paranormal beliefs are ghost hunting, exorcism, spiritualism, telepathy, etc. The term exists in the English language since the 1920s. It means the scientific explanation of...

Meditation for Anger: Break your Walls of Anger

Anger is an emotion displaying unlikeness towards something or someone. It is a universal emotion felt by every single one of us. This emotion can range from mild to severe; leading to various moments of guilt, regret, sorrow, shame, helplessness.This emotion can be controlled and regulated by meditation but before that, we need a...

What Is High Functioning Anxiety And How To Cope With It

Anxiety is a strong feeling of worry and fear about everyday situations. But when these feelings of anxiety become excessive, last for longer than eight months, and are interfering in one‘s life then it is called High Functioning Anxiety.It, is sometimes intense and weakening and may also distract you from your daily jobs. In...

Anxiety Attack: Symptoms, Causes, Anxiety vs Panic Attacks

The continued feeling of fear, nervousness, worry, apprehension towards a situation can be termed as Anxiety. It is a normal and healthy emotion unless someone starts feeling a disproportionate amount of them. Then it becomes a medical disorder and further changes into an anxiety attack.How to identify if my anxiety is normal or a...


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