Stress Management

Table of ContentsYou can overcome Depression!!: "Stress, stress management, depression, tension, etc" are some of the words we listen to in our daily life. In modern life, we feel tension, much more than ever. You turn on the laptop, look at your bank statement, and see that you have run out of money; or...

Mirror Gazing: What is it? How does this Meditation help?

Mirrors are one of the incredible tools that can evoke strong feelings among us. It can bring out the beautiful as well as the darkest emotions hidden inside our true soul. Recently, scientists have found that Face-to-Face contact is necessary to develop the social and emotional traits of a person, and Mirror Gazing has...

Books for Overcoming Depression: Remove your Stress

Depression is related to an individual who has a depressed mood and loss of interest in doing any activity which affects the lifestyle of an individual. It is treatable by the medical professional. Many psychiatrists have written their books on how you can overcome depression and many of them recommend books to read for...

Sleeping Disorder and its link with Mental Health

Have you ever thought about why you are spinning and turning while in bed, scrolling through your social media, and incapable to get the right wink? Congratulations! You are not the only one. With the second wave of covid-19 distressing practically everybody you know, it’s not easy to fall asleep, and trust it or...

Social Media Detox for Teens in 2021

Today detox has become our go-to word whenever we talk about getting rid of any habit of ours, for example going on an organic diet after partying calling it a detox.Well, detox is short for detoxification. A short period of time or days where one follows a particular routine. What is Social Media? They are websites...

Mood Disorder vs Normal Mood Fluctuation, The Difference

The mood is defined as temporary feelings, it can be happy, cheerful, angry, and many more. There can be many reasons for a mood change like hormonal misbalance, mental health, etc. A mood disorder is a mental health problem that affects the emotional state of an individual. There is not any clear reason or...

Paranormal Activity: All that you need to know

Paranormal activity is a phenomenon described in popular culture, folks, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose understanding is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. A few examples of paranormal beliefs are ghost hunting, exorcism, spiritualism, telepathy, etc. The term exists in the English language since the 1920s. It means the scientific explanation of...

Sociopath vs Psychopath: Difference Between Them

Most of the time sociopaths and psychopaths are considered the same. But there is a small difference between them. So let us know the difference between sociopath vs psychopathSociopaths are the ones who are antisocial, it is a type of personality disorder. People having antisocial personality disorder shows symptoms from a very small age...

Meditation: Beginners guide, Benefits, Side-effects, and More

What is Meditation Meditation is an activity in which a person uses techniques like concentration or mindfulness to practice attention and stay aware, it is done to become emotionally and mentally stable. The steps for meditation (beginners)Take a comfortable position(sit or lie down). If you are a big meditation fan, purchasing a meditation chair or...

Meditation for Anger: Break your Walls of Anger

Anger is an emotion displaying unlikeness towards something or someone. It is a universal emotion felt by every single one of us. This emotion can range from mild to severe; leading to various moments of guilt, regret, sorrow, shame, helplessness.This emotion can be controlled and regulated by meditation but before that, we need a...


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