Bok Choy: Health Benefits, Nutrients, and Cooking

Studies have shown that those people who eat more bok choy which is a cruciferous vegetable have a lower risk of developing cancer as it has anti-cancer properties and is full of antioxidants and other compounds that help in promoting better health.  What is bok choy? Bok choy is a Chinese white cabbage that belongs...

Abortion: Home Remedies and Natural Ways

Giving birth is the most beautiful part of a women's life, but what when it turns into a nightmare! Sometimes unplanned pregnancies are not only dangerous but can also lead to much conflicting emotion, for some these may include a bit of fear, excitement, panic, or a mixture of all three. These complex emotions...

Arugula Health Benefits, Rocket Leaves, and Their Use

What is Arugula? Arugula is a type of green leaf that is used as a medicine in ancient times. It is also known as garden rocket or rocket leaves. Now, this is being used as an ingredient in many of the Italian cuisines like salads, pasta, etc. It has a spicy, peppery, and slightly tart...

Natural Weight Gainer: Do they have any side effects?

weight gainer
In today's generation where everyone is finding a way to lose weight, some of us are still trying to gain enough for the perfect BMI. It's like gaining weight is as difficult as losing weight.  Though body positivity is ruling its way through our hearts; for some, it's just a way to build confidence....

5 Natural Antibiotics, Are there any Side Effects? and More

natural antibiotics
Antibiotics are a type of medicine that treats bacterial infections; they kill or stop the functioning of bacteria. It is originally produced by one microorganism and not useful for viral infections. There is a great list of natural antibiotics; there also exist synthetic antibiotics that are chemically related to them.There are even risk using...

Mirror Gazing: What is it? How does this Meditation help?

Mirrors are one of the incredible tools that can evoke strong feelings among us. It can bring out the beautiful as well as the darkest emotions hidden inside our true soul. Recently, scientists have found that Face-to-Face contact is necessary to develop the social and emotional traits of a person, and Mirror Gazing has...

What is a Panic Attack? Symptoms and Treatment Explained

A panic attack is a condition in which an intense fear triggers severe reactions physically when there’s no actual cause for that fear. At that very time, you feel like you’re losing control over everything you do or you might even feel like it’s a heart attack.Panic attacks are usually short-lived, that is it...

Self-Introspection: Definition, How to do it? Importance and Simple Tricks

Self-introspection or simply put introspection is the examination of one's self-thoughts, feelings, and analyzing them over time. No external force is involved, the person learns from experience and keeps a check on their mental and spiritual self.It is a continuous state of learning where the person reflects on their actions and tries to understand the...

Secondary Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Secondary Hypertension? Most of the patients with hypertension do not have a clear etiology and are classified as having Primary hypertension. However, about 10% of people may have another type of Hypertension called Secondary Hypertension that is caused by a set of known conditions. But the reason causes vary according to the age...

Balanced Diet – How to maintain it and its Importance

Two of the necessities to sustain life are food and water, however, that doesn't mean we want special food to sustain. Basic food works likewise. For instance, you can't be alive if you eat only eggs simply because they're healthy. You need to have a properly balanced diet to live a healthy life. A...


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