Omega 3 Fatty Acids Benefits and Facts

omega 3
Omega 3 is a type of fatty acid also called omega-3 oil and it cannot be produced by our body on its own. These are unsaturated fatty acids. This is an important acid that our body required and which provides several health benefits including heart and brain health. There are three types, one can be...

Mucormycosis: Black Fungus terrifying Covid Patients in India

Corona is one of the most dangerous viruses in recent times. Everyone just wants to stay safe from the corona virus because it’s changing its symptoms, causes, and what not. There are many side effects of the corona virus. Post covid health issues are increasing day by day, the death rate is increasing rapidly...

Beta-Blockers: Uses, Types, Side-Effects, and Precautions

What are Beta-Blockers? Beta-Blockers are specialized drugs that are used to reduce blood pressure by inhibiting the action of a hormone called “Epinephrine or Adrenaline” that affects stress parameters. It lowers blood pressure and simultaneously dilates the veins and arteries and improves the rate of blood flow. This medication, not only affects blood pressure but also tremors,...

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy(CBT): Benefits and Working

What we think affects How we feel and act depends on our thoughts. What we do affects how we think and feel is behavior and what we feel affects how we think and act our emotions. The changing perceptions in these 3 things are related to Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT. What is Cognitive Behavioural...

Migraine: Symptoms, Remedies, Causes, and Treatment

Migraine can be considered as a headache in which one experiences a throbbing pain or pulsating sensation in one part of the head. It is a neurological condition. Many times we aren't able to differentiate a normal headache from a migraine as we are not well informed of either. What are the symptoms of Migraine? The...

Heart Palpitations: Causes, Treatment, and Prevention

We are sure that you would have come across these statements like, “I feel butterflies in my stomach.”, “My heart pounds when I talk to you…”, “I get tachycardia when I think about you.” Etc…  Alright, these are technically not the symptoms of people in love but the symptoms of those suffering from a rush...

Probiotics and Prebiotics: Benefits, Difference, and More

We all get concerned when it comes to our health. Keeping our bodies healthy in today's life is a big task for all of us. Probiotics and Prebiotics are Trending these days. Both sound similar but are different. So here we will talk about some probiotics and prebiotics which are beneficial for our health. Probiotics...

Hemispatial Neglect: The Neuropsychological Condition

Hemispatial Neglect
Hemispatial neglect, in particular of the right hemisphere, is a common disabling condition after unilateral neurological damage. It is most often seen after cerebral infarction or internal bleeding in the skull, although it can be caused by various pathological conditions and has an acute effect on up to two-thirds of right-hemisphere patients of stroke.The...

Post-Covid Syndrome: How to deal with long term effects of Covid

Even after battling with Covid-19 and finally returning home, patients are still observed to deal with a syndrome given the name of Post-Covid Syndrome. What is this Post-Covid Syndrome? Post-Covid Syndrome refers to a collection of signs and symptoms that a covid recovered patient deals with immediately after the recovery or in some cases after a...

Meditation for Anger: Break your Walls of Anger

Anger is an emotion displaying unlikeness towards something or someone. It is a universal emotion felt by every single one of us. This emotion can range from mild to severe; leading to various moments of guilt, regret, sorrow, shame, helplessness.This emotion can be controlled and regulated by meditation but before that, we need a...


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