Anterolisthesis: Definition, Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment

Anterolisthesis in other terms is called Spondylolisthesis, in Latin, SPONDYLO means “Spine” and, LISTHESIS means “Slippage” which together infers us  Spine slippage.Anterolisthesis means the abnormal forward placement of a vertebral body in relationship to another vertebral body.It is more than just a “slip of a disk”. To make that concept easier, if you place two...

Cardiovascular Fitness Exercises, Does it Helps in Weight Loss?

Cardiovascular Fitness
For someone who does not know much about the field of medicine or biology might find these words complex. To break them down Cardio means "heart" and vascular stands for a "system or network of blood vessels". The cardiovascular system consists of the working of the heart and the flow of blood in our...

Self-Introspection: Definition, How to do it? Importance and Simple Tricks

Self-introspection or simply put introspection is the examination of one's self-thoughts, feelings, and analyzing them over time. No external force is involved, the person learns from experience and keeps a check on their mental and spiritual self.It is a continuous state of learning where the person reflects on their actions and tries to understand the...

Menstrual Cramps: 8 Effective Home Remedies

Menstruation pain is really one of the biggest nightmares a female can have but wait-a-minute. How would you feel if all your menstrual cramps would 90% vanish by just trying some easy and completely natural home remedies? We know it sounds just amazing!!So why waste any time let's quickly take you those magical cramp...

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Symptoms, Stages and More

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
What is Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis(IPF) Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is a rare lung disease, involving scarring and inflammation of lung tissue. It is a chronic, progressive lung disease.Idiopathic means unknown cause or mechanism; pulmonary means lung-related; fibrosis means thickening or scarring.The exact way to define this disease would be: it is a rare, chronic lung...

Secondary Hypertension: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

What is Secondary Hypertension? Most of the patients with hypertension do not have a clear etiology and are classified as having Primary hypertension. However, about 10% of people may have another type of Hypertension called Secondary Hypertension that is caused by a set of known conditions. But the reason causes vary according to the age...

OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): Causes, Symptoms, and More

What does OCD mean? OCD stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder it is a mental disorder that occurs when individuals are caught in the cycle of compulsions and obsessions. It can also be said that the person who is suffering from OCD is always being plagued by a constant thought or fear that causes him to perform...

What is a Panic Attack? Symptoms and Treatment Explained

A panic attack is a condition in which an intense fear triggers severe reactions physically when there’s no actual cause for that fear. At that very time, you feel like you’re losing control over everything you do or you might even feel like it’s a heart attack.Panic attacks are usually short-lived, that is it...

Paranormal Activity: All that you need to know

Paranormal Activity
Paranormal activity is a phenomenon described in popular culture, folks, and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose understanding is beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding. A few examples of paranormal beliefs are ghost hunting, exorcism, spiritualism, telepathy, etc. The term exists in the English language since the 1920s. It means the scientific explanation of...

Covid Vaccines Rumors – Sputnik V, Covishield, Covaxin,

There is a sudden increase in Covid – 19 cases and with this increase, covid vaccines like Sputnik V, Covishield, Covaxin are also coming into effect.But are these vaccines safe?Is there a guarantee that once you get the vaccine then you will be completely out of danger? Let us have a look at this...


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