“Serious Heart Problems because of Covid-19” Is that true?

Medical institutions are still learning about the long-term effects of covid-19 in the human body. Few patients who have fought from COVID-19 and are recovered now have given few indications of heart problems, even weeks or months after feeling better, as per the research.Doctors have found inflammation in a few patient’s hearts after suffering...

Covid-19 (Corona Virus): Myths and Truth

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have seen or even shared many myths about the deadly coronavirus in our socials. But with that wrong information, many people may have gotten into trouble. So in this article, we have covered all those myths and try to answer them one by one. Please clear all your...

Caffeine Intake: Side Effects, Addiction, Precautions and Risks

Caffeine is the world's most widely consumed psychoactive drug. Unlike many other psychoactive substances, it is legal and unregulated in nearly all parts of the world. It is commonly found in tea, coffee, and cacao plants. It works by stimulating the brain and central nervous system, helping you stay alert and prevent the onset...

Homemade Wax Strips: Easy to Make Guide

homemade wax strips
Pampering yourself by visiting a waxing salon is good, but what when you can't wait for a visit? If you want to skip the salon journey, waxing at home can be the best way to save money as well your time, mostly when you make your own homemade wax strips.So here are some steps...

Homemade Skincare Routine for Extra Glow!

If you want to have a youthful skin in summer or winter, then it is important to have a good skincare routine.And how good it would be if your skincare routine is all-natural!? With natural I mean homemade and that has its own benefits like it helps your skin glow, makes it soft, nourishes...

Pneumonia: Symptoms, Causes, Stages, and Treatment

Pneumonia is an inflammatory lung disease. It is an infectious disease that affects the alveolar sacs. These sacs fill with a fluid like pus causing cough, difficulty in breathing.It affects millions of people globally every year; children are the most susceptible to this disease. What causes Pneumonia? It is caused by microorganisms like bacteria or viruses,...

How to Increase Oxygen Level: Home Remedies [Covid Alert!!]

Oxygen therapy in covid19 Nowadays everybody is concerned about their oxygen level and is surfing the internet to find ways to increase their oxygen level. But, the main question everybody is asking that why and when the oxygen is needed in covid infection. As you are aware that covid infection is divided into mild,...

Menstrual Cramps: 8 Effective Home Remedies

Menstruation pain is really one of the biggest nightmares a female can have but wait-a-minute. How would you feel if all your menstrual cramps would 90% vanish by just trying some easy and completely natural home remedies? We know it sounds just amazing!!So why waste any time let's quickly take you those magical cramp...

Mirror Gazing: What is it? How does this Meditation help?

Mirrors are one of the incredible tools that can evoke strong feelings among us. It can bring out the beautiful as well as the darkest emotions hidden inside our true soul. Recently, scientists have found that Face-to-Face contact is necessary to develop the social and emotional traits of a person, and Mirror Gazing has...

Bok Choy: Health Benefits, Nutrients, and Cooking

Studies have shown that those people who eat more bok choy which is a cruciferous vegetable have a lower risk of developing cancer as it has anti-cancer properties and is full of antioxidants and other compounds that help in promoting better health.  What is bok choy? Bok choy is a Chinese white cabbage that belongs...


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