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OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder): Causes, Symptoms, and More

ocd mental health

What does OCD mean?

OCD stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder it is a mental disorder that occurs when individuals are caught in the cycle of compulsions and obsessions. It can also be said that the person who is suffering from OCD is always being plagued by a constant thought or fear that causes him to perform a specific routine. All these disturbing thoughts become the obsession of a person which makes them perform certain rituals which are known as compulsions.

In very simple terms OCD is a type of mental disorder that can cause unwanted and repetitive thoughts so that the person can get rid of unwanted thoughts so he or she perform some task or activity again and again.

For example, a person can fear everything he or she is touching as he has a fear that it might contain germs so to get rid of those fears that person will wash his hands again and again.

Sometimes the person who is suffering from OCD might understand that all these obsessions are way too unreasonable but trying to stop or ignore them can cause anxiety to them.

Causes of OCD

The exact causes for this mental disorder are still unknown, some research suggests that they can be a problem in one part of a brain that sends information to the other part. Serotonin is the name of chemical which is present in the brain that helps in sending messages to one part of the brain. The insufficiency of serotonin can cause stress and anxiety and plays a very important role in worsening the symptoms of OCD.

Several other reasons based on the genetic basis or depression also cause OCD.

Some facts about OCD

  • Fear of being contaminated by germs or fear of dirt.

It is one of the symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder which is mostly found in children at a very young age 6 or 7. It is a very possible symptom of OCD which includes repetitive hand wash or bathing, and very unusual rituals like keeping or moving everything in a very particular order because they fear getting dirty.

Many times it is really difficult for parents to know that if their child’s preference or habit is something normal or can lead to something way more serious. If all these habits are interfering in their child’s life then a physician should be consulted.

  • The symptom appears during the teenage years

Many children start getting diagnosed with OCD from a very young age such as 6 or 7 years so it would not be very weird to say that some common symptoms emerged between adolescence or early adulthood. These symptoms are more clearly visible in boys than in girls.

Most people suffering from OCD are officially diagnosed until they reach the age of 19. However, it is also possible in some cases to discover it after the age of 35.

  • Family history increases the risk of the disorder

In many cases, the cause of OCD is unknown however it is proved that the brains of people who are suffering from OCD are different from those who are not suffering from this disorder. it has been noticed by health care professionals that if your parents, sibling, or anyone in the family have obsessive-compulsive disorder then the child also has an increased risk of developing it.

  • Having excessive doubt

All those people who are suffering from OCD tend to have excessive doubt in themselves or any other individual. They keep on checking themselves or their belongings again and again in a very similar order as they become very anxious because of their strong fear of being embarrassed.

  • Repeating things due to their fear of making mistakes

People with OCD are always building repeating things or arranging the items so that they can be kept in a very exact particular order. They persistently keep on counting while they are doing their persistent task. Not only with things but they also keep on repeating some specific words many times in a particular sentence.

They do this because they have a forceful or driving need to perform things in a very perfect and correct manner because of their constant fear of making mistakes.

  • OCD is a chronic condition and can be diagnosed only by trained professionals

There is no cure for OCD; however, treatment can control its symptoms and obsessions from interfering in your life. People who take OCD medicine to manage their symptoms should not discontinue their medications without consulting their healthcare provider when their obsessive thoughts seem to have gone away.

Obsessive-compulsive disorder is related to a mental health condition and can only be diagnosed by trained professionals. These professionals look for evidence for their patience’s compulsions and obsessions and try to impact these thoughts and actions on their life. It takes a lot of time for your OCD treatment to work. Both medication and therapy take a lot of weeks to impact the behavior of the patient. Qualified professionals support and understand people who are pursuing their treatment.

  • People with OCD can also have depression or ADHD

Medication and therapy help a lot in improving many symptoms of OCD in many people but it is never always capable to address all the difficulties not an individual is experiencing. Some people with OCD also suffer from depression and ADHD(attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) or any other disorder related to eating or learning. Accurate and precise diagnosis of any medical health or health condition that occurs along with OCD helps a lot in the treatment and improves a lot in a person’s quality of life.

If a person is struggling with OCD treatment, you should always look for a healthcare provider regarding your diagnoses (if you think you have more than one condition) and the treatment options. There are many different medicines that help a lot in curing the symptoms of OCD and other kinds of behavioral conditions. It can take many trials and errors for finding the treatments for your unique symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of OCD?

The symptoms of OCD vary from age to age and gradually change throughout life. It includes mood changes such as anxiety, guilt, or panic attack. Psychological changes such as depression or fear along with nightmares, or repeatedly going over thoughts.

What includes in OCD Behaviour?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a disorder where people have repetitive, unwanted thoughts, ideas, or obsessions that force them to do something repetitively (compulsions).

What triggers OCD in adults?

Compulsions are repetitive and learned behaviors, which become habitual when associated with relief from anxiety. People suffer from OCD due to genetic and hereditary factors. Chemical structural and functional abnormalities are the most common cause of this disorder.

Can OCD go away?

People suspect that Obsessive-compulsive disorder symptoms generally come and go or even go away—only to return. However, as already mentioned obsessive-compulsive traits never truly go away and require ongoing management.

What are the 4 types of OCD?

There is no official classification or subtypes of OCD but research suggests that people experience OCD symptoms in four categories i.e. symmetry and ordering, cleaning and contamination, forbidden, or taboo thoughts.

Weight Loss: 5 Easy to Make Healthy Salad Recipes


Why weight loss is necessary?

As we all know physique and beauty are the utmost priority for every individual. It can build up confidence and also at the same time it can bring inferiority complex. Nowadays, having a proper physique is the priority and dream for most men and women. An ideal body is what everyone wishes for. For instance, most people want a flat tummy, many women desire an hourglass figure, most men desire broad shoulders, triceps overall a rough body.

Nowadays, many youngsters including adults face the issue of belly or paunch. Paunch is the result of excessive eating of simple carbs and not burning.    

As time is passing, people are getting more engaged in some of the other work. They are busy, preoccupied with their office work. Therefore, they do not get time for themselves. A busy schedule means less time for ourselves. As they have less time, most of them prefer shortcut food. Shortcut food mostly includes simple carbs or junk. These junks when not burnt results in fat which gets accumulated in different parts of the body.

Fat can deposit in the arms, waist, stomach, thighs everywhere if not controlled. But these are the most common parts which become the issue for most of them. Belly and side fat is the most common problem reported by most women. 

Fats are stubborn, it cannot break easily if not taken seriously. Hence, to burn fat one must follow a good diet and some amount of exercise to burn it. It is also very important to kill or control the appetite of junks. Fries, cold drinks, burgers, pizza all kinds of saturated fats get accumulated near your waist, stomach, thighs.

Now the question is what must be done to control the fat. There are many things that must be considered while you burn fat or maintain your ideal weight. 

To begin with, a proper diet is the most important factor that must be looked into first. Seventy percent of the weight loss depends upon diet. If you have a proper diet plan, then no one can stop you to lose fat. 

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Diet to maintain weight loss

  •  Healthy salad diet

A salad diet must cover more than half of the portion of the diet plan. Most of the people are not fond of salad. But if you stick to salad and make it a major portion of your diet, you will get to see the results soon. Many people complain that the salad diet is not tasty or filling. But if it is prepared in the right way then it can become tasty. One must know the correct recipe to make it delicious.

Here are few salad recipes which you can include in your diet plan.

Recipe- 1



  • ½ olive oil
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice  
  • ½ tbsp pepper
  • ½ garlic paste
  • Salt as per taste


  • Take a bowl 
  • Mix all these ingredients in olive oil 
  • Mix it well
  • Keep the dressing aside and use it any recipe to make it delicious


  • Heat the pan
  • Add 2 tbsp of olive oil and heat it
  • Add tofu
  • Roast it on low flame until it becomes crispy
  • Add salt and pepper accordingly
  • Mix it well 

Recipe- 2 


  • 2 cup Chickpea (soaked overnight)
  • ½ sliced onion
  • ½ sliced cucumber
  • 1 sliced tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Salad leaves
  • 1 pomegranate 
  • Tofu 
  • Green gram dal sprouts (soak it and then cover it in a cloth, the sprouts will grow)
  • Salad leaves
  • Salt as per your taste 


  • Soak the chickpeas overnight and boil them.
  • Take a bowl, put soaked chickpea
  • Then add onion, tomato, cucumber, 
  • Add the salad dressing
  • Mix it well
  • Now add salad leaves and lettuce and green gram dal sprouts
  • Mix it well
  • Lastly, add roasted tofu 

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Recipe- 3


  • 2 cup Green gram dal soaked
  • ½ onion chopped
  • ½ cucumber chopped
  • 1 tomato chopped
  • 1 green chilly chopped
  • 1 pomegranate
  • Handful lettuce
  • Handful salad leaves


  • Take a bow, add soaked green gram dal.
  • Add chopped onions, tomato, chilly, cucumber, pomegranate.
  • Add 1 tbsp of salad dressing.
  • Mix it well
  • Add a handful of lettuce and salad leaves.
  • Mix it well

Recipe- 4

Fruit salad recipe

  • 1 diced apple
  • 1 pomegranate
  • 2 diced kiwi
  • 1/4th diced pineapple
  • 1/4th diced papaya 
  • 2 cup Non-fat yogurt


  • Take a bowl
  • Add all the mentioned fruits
  • Add yogurt
  • Mix it well
  • Add some cashew and raisins to make it more wholesome.

Recipe- 5

  • 3 tbsp lemon juice
  • 150 grams feta cheese
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 1 watermelon
  • ½ bunch chopped coriander leaves
  • ½ bunch chopped mint
  • Black pepper according to taste


  • Take a bowl, add watermelon, onions, lemon juice.
  • Cut the feta cheese into small cubes and add.
  • Add coriander leaves, mint
  • Mix it well
  • Add black pepper 

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The above-mentioned recipes can help you to fulfill your appetite and also will reduce your appetite to eat. If you replace your meal with a salad diet then no one can stop you to lose weight. You can eat it every day for months and years. A salad diet can be followed for months and years, it will not affect. It will help you to lose weight more easily and early.

 It will provide you all the necessary vitamins, proteins, carbs, potassium, phosphorus, etc. When vegetables and fruit are taken raw, the vitamins and other necessary nutrients do not vanish or the amount and proportion do not reduce. It enters the full amount into your body when taken raw. Raw vegetables have numerous benefits. 

Some of the benefits of the salad diet

  •  It helps in losing weight if followed strictly.
  •  It makes skin glow.
  •  It provides all the necessary nutrients in a good amount.
  •  It also prevents hair fall. 
  •  It is a natural source of fiber.
  • It reduces the load on the kidney, which lowers the risk of dialysis in the future
  • It helps in building strong bones, which is very important for women. Because bones of women weaken with the passage of time also called osteoporosis. 

In conclusion, when you include a salad diet in your diet, you will be glad to see your body’s performance. It will not only provide you a lean body but also make your skin clear and glowing.

Other factors along with salad that must be taken into consideration for weight loss are- 

  • Not just salad, one must drink a good amount of water in order to stay hydrated. Drinking water reduces unnecessary fat, reduce pimples and acne, clear marks from your face, naturally glowing skin, it also reduces stress.
  •  One must also exercise or practice yoga with a salad diet. Because salad diet alone can reduce your fat but it will not tone your body or it will not give shape to your body, so for that, you must exercise.

Benefits of Exercising Along with Diet

  • As mentioned above, 70 percent of the weight loss plan is based on diet. Therefore, the rest 30 percent depends on exercise.
  • Exercise with diet will give you quick results.
  • It will boost up your mood.
  • It will make you stronger and confident.
  • It will give proper shape to your body.
  • It will tighten the muscles.
  • It prevents heart disease
  • It releases happy hormones

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Some simple dieting tips

  • Drink lukewarm water with lemon and honey every day after waking up in the morning.
  • Include raw green chilly in your diet.
  • Drink more than three liters of water every day.
  • Eat cucumber whenever hungry, this will brighten your skin and it will also help in weight loss.
  • Eat citrus fruits.
  • Eat papaya every day, papaya is one of the best fruit to lose weight.
  • Do not drink water immediately after eating a meal, wait for 30 minutes.
  • Work out four times a week.
  • Listen to music and walk whenever free, this will help you to burn calories.
  • Play your favorite rocking music and dance.
  • Reduce your alcohol intake, especially beer.
  • Drink cumin seed water early in the morning.
  • You can also include chia seeds in your diet.
  • Do not sleep immediately after eating.
  • Choose food with good fats, limit foods that are rich in saturated fat.
  • Reduce your sugar intake, less sugar will also help in getting clear skin. It maintains the glow.
  • Reduce intake of salt.
  • Choose good carbs.
  • Increase the intake of calcium.

Diet plan to follow for weight loss

You can follow this plan for months and even for a lifetime according to the result and need.

Remember, follow this diet plan strictly with exercise for better and quick results.

  • Try to wake up early in the morning
  • Once you wake up, drink lukewarm water, lemon, honey.
  •  After one or half an hour as per your routine, take a fruit diet as your breakfast.
  •  If you are working out, then drink one glass of beetroot juice and an apple before the workout.
  •  After two hours, eat any low carb diet
  •  In your lunch, eat salad. (exciting recipes are mentioned)
  • You can also eat chicken, roasted in olive oil.
  •  Eat carrots or cucumber, anything to stay full.
  • Keep drinking water every time, this will kill your appetite to eat.
  • Try to eat less at night, follow any salad recipe, and have it in your dinner.

Daily Reminders for Weight Loss 

  • Do fasting once a week for more quick results.
  • Eat soaked green gram dal and jaggery 
  • Eat less salt.
  • Avoid sugar 
  • Avoid junks completely
  • Eat more papaya 
  • Increase the intake of lemon
  • Drink warm water
  • Avoid cold water 
  • Do more sets and repetition in the gym with less weight.
  • Walk as much as you can
  • Climb stairs
  • Be consistent
  • Once or twice a month, you can have a cheat day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we follow a salad diet for months?

Yes, you can. In fact, it will give a very quick result.

What are the benefits of a salad diet?

It will provide you all the nutrients, when vegetables are eaten raw, the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients do not deplete.

Can we follow only a salad diet for weight loss?

Yes, you can follow it. But when you do exercise with a good diet, it gives the more quick results and also it tones and gives shape to your body.

What should I eat when I am hungry?

You can drink water to kill the appetite to eat. Eat cucumber or fruits. Drink fruit juices.

What are the other benefits of a salad diet other than weight loss?

It provides glowing skin, prevents hair loss, cures depression and stress, makes you confident by giving a good physique.

Does avoiding sugar and salt helps in giving quick results?

Yes, avoiding white sugar and salt provides quick results. In fact, avoiding sugar also gives clear skin. It prevents the accumulation of fat in the waist and stomach.

Does lemon juice help in weight loss?

Yes, it helps in weight loss, for getting rid of unnecessary fat, marks, scars, acne. Any citrus fruit is good for weight loss.

What kind of salad should I prefer for weight loss?

Choose low-fat carbs and low calories carbs like sprouts, lettuce, cottage cheese, and tofu, lentil, fruit salad.

Does a salad diet help in losing belly fat?

Yes, when it is dressed with olive oil it provides vitamin A. unsaturated fat helps in melting belly fat.

Can I eat protein salad for weight loss?

Yes, a protein diet helps in increasing your metabolism and reduces appetite.

What food burns belly fat fast?

Citrus fruits like lemon, green tea, yogurt, chia seeds, watermelon.

How much time does it take to lose fat?

It depends on the diet and physical workout you follow. If you follow a strict diet then you can see quick results within a month. Hence, it takes around three to six months to transform completely. 

Sleep Tremor Disorder: All That you Need to Know

sleep tremor disorder

While sleeping we all have experienced a feeling where our feet or body starts to twitch, it may be due to a nightmare. It occurs unconsciously while we are asleep, we do not realize it unless we are woken up and told so. It may also be vice versa where we might be the one waking up the other person. These are minor incidents that we usually do not remember, but the regular occurrence could be assigned to a sleep tremor disorder.

What is a Sleep Tremor Disorder?

Also known as sleep or nocturnal myoclonus, it is involuntary spasms, a non-rhythmic muscle twitch, occurring when an individual is asleep. In this condition, the muscles suddenly jerk causing a twitch during sleep.

Does sleep tremor disorder affect a certain age group?

Sleep tremor disorder can be seen in infants and children, but it does not last for a long time. It is commonly seen in adults above the age of 65 and people suffering from neurological diseases.

What are its symptoms like?

It is usually unpredictable jerks or spasms that may occur in various body parts like; arms, legs, face twitching, whole body trembling. Lowering of body temperature.

The movements could be:

  • Jerking.
  • Twitching.
  • Localized or widespread spasms.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Trembling, severe shaking.

Is kicking in sleep also part of sleep tremor disorder?

No, kicking in sleep is not a part of sleep tremor disorder, it is considered as a symptom under REM behavior disorder (rapid eye movement). In this case, the individual’s dream feels more physical than just mental.

Is sleep tremor disorder a disease?

No, we cannot say that sleep tremor disorder is a disease because it might occur as a symptom of various underlying conditions.

Seizures occurring may be harmful as they might cause the heart to stop. But they are only seen in cases of underlying neurological diseases.


The causes can be varied depending on the various age groups it affects, it is majorly caused due brain and spinal cord issues. Diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s are neurological diseases that show symptoms like tremors. Many times the exact reason might also not be known.

  • In Infants and Small children- It may be due to disturbed sleep, Pediatric Periodic Limb movement disorder causing brief muscle spasms. Rhythmic Movement Disorder causing head jerking motions.it is usually in cases of autism, ADHD, Tourette’s syndrome. Epilepsy could also cause sleep tremors which are seizures.
  • In Adults- Most adults affected by this usually have Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS) a suggested neurological condition. It causes an unchecked urge to shake legs due to excruciating sensations, in turn causing temporary relief. This could happen at any time of the day. It could also be due to Multiple Sclerosis, Huntington’s disease.
  • In Older people- In people aging over 60, major diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s could cause sleep tremors.
    Alzheimer’s disease causes memory loss and loss of motor control. This affects the coordination of the body causing seizures.
    Parkinson’s disease causes uncontrollable tremors, muscle rigidity, slow automatic muscle response, loss of coordination, sleeping difficulty.
    Creutzfelt-Jakob disease (CJD) is a brain disorder causing behavioral changes, body tremors, loss of coordination.
  • It could be caused due to general reasons like strong medication, drug abuse, excessive stress, changes in the dopamine level of the body. Being excessively worked out with no rest to the body.

Types of Sleep Tremor Disorder

The sleep tremor could be of two types:

  • Positive- it involves muscle contraction.
  • Negative- it involves muscle relaxation and loss of muscle tone.

Treatment of sleep tremor

The treatment commonly involves medications like:

  • Clonazepam, phenytoin, is used as an anti-seizure medication.
  • Sedatives.
  • Botulinum toxin.

Unless the case is severe and causes major disrupted sleep one should go for medications, as they might have side effects.

Home remedies include yoga, stretching, gently massaging the muscle or area where the spasm is usually caused. This helps reduce the severity of the spasm.

What should be done when one has a sleep tremor?

At times when one is very exhausted and restless, they might have a sleep tremor. Try some relaxation before sleep like stretching, rubbing your calves and arms. If one has a mild spasm sleeping do not wake them up immediately, call out to them, this helps raise consciousness. Then gently pat them trying to wake them up. If the spasm is extreme try to get the person conscious as soon as you can, then rub the area of the spasm.

How long does this disorder last?

It lasts for a period of weeks if it is not caused by any serious neurological disorder. In the case of such neurological disorders, it can last for a lifetime.

What helps reduce sleep tremors?

Sleep tremors can be reduced by making some lifestyle changes like consuming less caffeine, avoiding alcohol, taking out time for relaxation, workout or exercise for at least 10 mins a day for muscle flexibility.

Does sleep tremor have a treatment?

Yes, it has.

Does sleep tremor require a treatment?

No, as it is not a serious disease, treatment is not necessary unless this disturbs one’s sleep cycle.

Can vitamin deficiency cause sleep tremors?

Yes, vitamin deficiency could cause sleep tremors.

What is Huntington’s disease?

It is a brain disorder caused by a gene defect. As it affects the central area of the brain changes affecting mood, thinking, movement.

Are tremors or jerks harmful?

No, the tremors or jerks are not harmful. In most cases, they cause no pain. Muscular spasms might hurt a little but a gentle massage can ease it.

Should I be worried if I suddenly start shaking in sleep?

One need not worry about shaking in sleep, it could be due to stress, nightmares, muscle spasm. If the shaking continues for more than a few weeks one must consult the doctor and check for any underlying diseases.

How long can sleep tremors last?

Sleep tremors can last for a few seconds to 30 mins.

What does myoclonus mean?

Myoclonus refers to a sudden, involuntary jerk or spasm.

Can insomnia cause sleep tremors?

Well, insomnia means sleeplessness, and sleep tremors occur during sleep so it is difficult to say that it might be a cause. But if one is tired and does sleep for appropriate hours a day, tremors or spasms may occur due to tensed muscles.

Can sleepwalking and sleep tremors be related?

These two can be related on the basis that both are considered under para insomnia but the causes are different. Sleepwalking is usually hereditary caused due to disorders like sleep apnea ie. disturbed and paused breathing, urge of urination, anxiety, etc. whereas sleep tremors are caused due to underlying neurological disorders.

Sleep myoclonus or sleep tremor disorder doesn’t always have a cause, so one must not be worried unless they have an underlying neurological disorder. Medications are helpful in such cases. If someone in your family or close one has sleep tremors; don’t panic, a sudden occurrence is not harmful.

Venustraphobia: Fear of beautiful women, Causes, Symptoms


Does this sound awkward to you at all or is it normal to fear beautiful women? That question may sound wrong because you may be thinking that who fears beauty? Let us understand this together and also clear our doubts regarding Venustraphobia, the fear of beautiful women.

What is Venustraphobia

Venustraphobia refers to an unreasonable fear of pretty/beautiful women. It is also called Caligynephobia.

  • Venustraphobia has been taken from two words – Venus that stands for The Goddess(Greek) that represents women and phobia refers to fear and scariness.
  • Caligynephobia has been taken from – Calos that stands for pretty/beautiful, gyne = women, and phobia refers to fear.

People suffering from Venustraphobia suffer from anxiety and intense panic when are surrounded by beautiful women, this fear is caused by an immediate comparison by our brain between average-looking vs beautiful women.

Causes behind Venustraphobia

There are no specific causes of venustraphobia has found yet, it is observed that environmental as well as genetic factors play a major role in the cause of venustraphobia.

Venustraphobia is also developed when an individual’s family has a history of anxiety and other phobic issues, or we can say mental illness history also leads to such phobias.

Various environmental factors consist of uncertain memories and childhood trauma. venustraphobia is a sudden reaction it can be developed in anyone irrespective of any reason.

An individual will generate various issues like anxiety, become extra sensitive, fear-stricken, and anxious, in some cases trauma’s like humiliation, disrespect, and rejection caused in past by a pretty/beautiful woman can result in the generation of venustraphobia.

Symptoms of venustraphobia

Various individuals suffer from different symptoms of venustraphobia, but the most common sign is a panic attack and anxiety.

The main Physical symptoms are –

  • A blur sight of pretty women and serious anxiety.
  • Chills and muscle = body pain.
  • Difficulty breathing and choking issues.
  • Increased blood pressure.
  • Lethargic routine, sleepiness, and nervousness.
  • Balancing issues and dry mouth.
  • Shaking of legs.

Emotional Signs 

  • Inability to concentrate.
  • Avoiding social gatherings where the chances of the presence of beautiful women are high.
  • Blunder of emotions.
  • Crying and shouting.
  • Inability in accepting reality.
  • Humiliation.
  • Suicidal thoughts.

Who has more chances to get venustraphobia?

Individuals who are likely to have the fear of women i.e Gynophobia reflect more signs in the availability of a woman.

A gynophobic person continuously thinks about getting humiliated by a woman, as a beautiful woman tends to be more intimidating than a bunch of people.

People suffering from inferiority issues are more like to generate fear as their insecurities make them draw a negative image of pretty/beautiful women.

How to find out that you or your known person is suffering from Venustraphobia?

If you want to find out whether you or a person you know has venustraphobia the first thing is to observe all the symptoms of venustraphobia discussed above and to see if you or that person starts stammering or stuttering when contacted or thought of a beautiful woman.

You will surely experience fear, sweating, and discomfort in such cases.

The first thing to do know is to look forward to a healthcare expert as soon as possible because if not taken care of, the symptoms can get worse.

Note – It is necessary to get the thoughts and condition of a venustraphobia person as the situation for them is very humiliating and requires immediate help.

Effects of Venustraphobia on a person

Venustraphobia can have the capability of dividing and resulting in more phobias in an individual like –

  • Gynophobia– Fear of women, a person having fear of pretty women will somewhere fear other fair looking women too, and this results in serious issues.
  • Coitophobia – Fear of having a sexual relationship, this phobia devastates the peace of mind of an individual as he continuously thinks of his inability to satisfy his partner, this complete process not only fills him with negativity but also impacts the relationship and makes it weak.

These fears force an individual to confine their social boundaries and results in substance abuse like increased alcohol as well as drug consumption.

Stepping out becomes a very anxious issue as their quality of living a healthy life is hindered leading to serious mental illnesses like depression and anxiety.

Even the sight of a beautiful woman becomes scary so as a result watching movies, tv, social media, etc. becomes an issue.

Treatment for Venustraphobia

The treatment for a venustraphobia person is similar to that of other phobias, it is therapies like psychotherapy and hypnotherapy or a combination of both. These therapies are proven to be beneficial and are the main treatments options of venustraphobia

1- Psychotherapy –

  • It is done by exposing the individual to the object of fear so that he searches for coping up methods. It is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, also called CBT.
  • It is famous for its fast recovery time as compared to other methods.
  • Firstly small steps like discussing the object of fear are done then gradually they are brought closer to the object and given the touching and interaction.
  • This therapy helps in stabilizing the emotions of the victim by developing control over the object of fear. It focuses on building courage instead of removing fear.

2-Hypnotherapy –

Under this therapy, various hypnosis techniques are used, that are fairly effective against various phobias. This therapy helps in finding out about the main cause of the individual’s situation.

After finding out about the root cause of the fear resulting in a decline of the patient’s mental health, hypnotherapy moves forward to rationalize the incidents and controlling the intensity of the fear gradually.

This therapy has shown its success rate among people who have extreme fears.

3-Medications –

To control the blunder occurring in the patient’s mind regarding various treatments and therapies, medications are given. Medications are given to decrease anxiety and fear of dealing with various therapies.

One reason-giving medication is to balance the sleeping pattern and daily functioning of the patient’s life, depending on the severity of symptoms, these medications can be given for a longer on shorter time.

4-Mindfulness- Based stress control/Reduction(MBSR) 

MBSR is carried out for 8-weeks that includes aggressive mindful training to assist people dealing with anxiety, stress, and other mental issues.

MBSR is proven to be highly effective for people having venustraphobia, as it is a systematic program as it provides a wide range of skills that helps the individual in decreasing their anxiety related to a specific phobia.

5-Self support 

We know it is easier said than done, but you should try your best to help yourself from falling apart, the best ways of self-help are – 

How to help someone in dealing with Venustraphobia?

In case you are in touch with a person suffering from venustraphobia, then the first thing to do is to try and take them to get therapy, as there is no better solution than this.

Help them in believing that they can only get rid of their problems when they face them instead of running from them and there is nothing to be humiliated of.

Note – Forcing the patient to talk about their issues and dealing with them can be negative, so leave it for the therapist.

Relation between venustraphobia and social anxiety

It may be normal for people dealing with venustraphobia to have problems in dealing with social gatherings, it can be said that the fear of pretty/beautiful women leads to social issues in daily lives. Although it is not common for every prey of venustraphobia, but somewhere or the other humiliation will lead to isolation.

Far more, people dealing with Social Anxiety Disorder have more chances to develop issues like venustraphobia, androphobia, etc., as they have the signs that are related to some uncertain events with a beautiful woman. Sometimes people having SAD are mistaken to have venustraphobia. 

Some victims of SAD experience anxiety when in contact with a beautiful woman, but their feelings are the same with other people too. Their anxiety is constant, irrespective of the company they get.

Is it normal to deal with venustraphobia?

There must be an uncertain behavior behind you having venustraphobia like a past situation where you might have been humiliated by a beautiful woman, or rejected by a pretty girl you like, so these negative experiences result in the development of venustraphobia, and this is perfectly normal.

But if you do not have any uncertain past or develop the fear of beautiful women just without any reason, then it can be a serious issue and you should consult a therapist for immediate help.


Venustraphobia is a strange and mentally devastating fear that can result in hindering the entire quality of a person’s life. This fear can be cured easily depending on your symptoms, all that you have to do is to consult a therapist as and when you observe the signs confirming that you are a venustraphobic person.

The earlier you indulge in therapies, the more your chances of getting fine increases, and always ensure that you consult a medical expert before dealing with your mental situations, as when you try to become your doctor, the conditions can get worse.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you say venustraphobia?

The easiest way to pronounce venustraphobia is by breaking the word into various parts-
Venus + tra +pho+bia.

What is venustraphobia disease?

It can not be termed as a disease, however, we can call it an irrational or in some conditions a rational fear of pretty/ beautiful women.

What is the medical meaning of venustraphobia?

In medical terms, we can define venustraphobia / caligynephobia as unhealthy fear of beautiful/ pretty women.

Is Caligynephobia real?

Yes, caligynephobia is a real phobia, it can range from extreme to mild symptoms, but do not worry, it has a cure.

What are the short-term symptoms of venustraphobia?

Some of the short symptoms of venustraphobia are –

  • Immediate tension.
  • Anxiety.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Fainting

What do we suggest for phobias?

The basic things you should use to settle down your fears are –

  • Go for professional counseling.
  • Indulge in meditation and yoga.
  • Search for panic treatment programs.
  • Consult a therapist
  • Share your feelings with close ones.

What is the name given to the fear of virgins?

Fear of virgins is termed Parthenophobia – It is an anxiety disorder (social) consists of irrelevant fear of young girls i.e. virgins.

What is the fear of a handsome man called?

There is no particular name given to the fear of handsome/beautiful men, but in general, androphobia is called fear of men that arise due to a bad history or negative past.

What to do if your partner generates a fear from you?

The first thing to do is to analyze the fear and find the root cause find the fear, you will surely find some past issues or something bothering you at work.

  • Talk to him/her and ensure him that your partner is safe from you.
  • Take him/ her for therapy sessions.

Name 5 most common phobias?

5 Most common phobias are

  • Acrophobia – heights.
  • Pteromerhanophobia – fear of flying.
  • Monophobia – Scared of loneliness.
  • Cynophobia – fear of dogs.
  • Trypanophobia – Fear of needles.

What can be the reason behind having fear of beauty?

Some of the reasons behind fearing someone’s beauty are –

  • Jealousy.
  • We see ourselves as inferior so we run away from reality.
  • We ignore someone’s beauty because according to us appreciating them means we are less beautiful.

Note – These reasons are a result of mental conflict and can be cured by therapy and talk sessions.

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: Symptoms, Stages and More

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis
Source: reference.medscape.com

What is Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis(IPF)

Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is a rare lung disease, involving scarring and inflammation of lung tissue. It is a chronic, progressive lung disease.

Idiopathic means unknown cause or mechanism; pulmonary means lung-related; fibrosis means thickening or scarring.

The exact way to define this disease would be: it is a rare, chronic lung disease, caused due to scar tissue build-up in the lungs causing inflammation, stiffening, which affects the sacs in the lungs.

What is scar tissue?

It is a collection of cells and collagen that grow on a site of injury or damage caused regularly. Their growth is regulated by the kind of damage caused.

Symptoms of IPF

Common symptoms of IPF are:

  • Shortness of breath, breathlessness.
  • Dry coughing.
  • Chest pain.
  • Tightness in the chest.
  • Leg swelling.
  • Loss of appetite, gradual weight loss.
  • Clubbing of digits- disfiguring of toe and fingernails.
  • Feeling very tired after doing regular activities.

What is the clubbing of digits?

The finger and toe end become swollen and blue due to lack of oxygen. This is called clubbing of fingers. This also causes disfigured fingers.

Causes of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis

There are no specifically identified causes but the following could be the underlying reasons:

  • Abnormal growth of tissue in the lung while lung repair; also called as Abnormal Repair Response.
  • Genetic factors.
  • Environmental factors like working in places exposed to sawdust, metal dust, coal dust, stone dust, hay, etc., or related occupations.
  • Cigarette smoking.
  • Acid reflux.
  • In rare cases, viral diseases might also lead to IPF.

How does IPF affect the lungs and body?

In IPF we see abnormal growth of scar tissue, this causes thickening, stiffening of the lung tissue. Normally lung tissues are very flexible and soft allowing easy gas exchange. This scarring increases with time causing damage to lung function.

The tissue around the air sacs becomes thick making it very difficult for oxygen to be absorbed as it can’t fill into the space of the sac. This in turn causes a reduced supply of oxygen to the body, breathlessness, dry cough. As the heart and body cells do not get enough oxygenated blood through the lungs, one feels fatigued doing short tasks, weakness, clubbing of fingers, toes.

This could also cause complications like pneumonia, heart failure, pulmonary hypertension.

Various stages of IPF

The various stages can be mild, moderate, severe based on the pulmonary function test. The initial stage can be termed as mild, here the pulmonary function is most compared to other stages. Severe cases are usually considered as the last stages where the pulmonary function is almost seen to be lost.

What is the diagnosis for IPF?

Diagnosis can be done by various clinical methods:

  • Radiology- chest x-ray can be done, it shows lumps as dark patches on the lung tissue.
  • Pulmonary Function Test- spirometry shows the decrease in the level of vital capacity by a reduced flow of air into and out of the lungs.

Treatment for IPF

Various treatments for IPF are namely:

  • Oxygen therapy- If the patient suffering has low levels of oxygen then artificially supplementary oxygen can be provided with help of oxygen cylinders.
  • Medications- Various medicines used are Pirfenidone(it reduces the risk of death). N-acetylcysteine and triple therapy Nintedanib.
  • Lung transplant- In cases where the lung gets completely damaged, the transplant can be done on finding the eligible donor. This is usually considered as the last resort.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation- These programs include exercise training, breathing exercises, occupational therapy, psychological counseling. These usually help patients in the early stages of IPF.

Ques. How long can a patient with IPF live?
Ans. The life expectancy of patients is usually 2-5 years after being affected by this disease. In very severe cases they also live less than three years.

Ques. Is IPF a very common disease affecting the population?
The frequency of IPF occurring in a population is 13 to 20 people per 100000 people.

Ques. Are clinical trials going on regarding IPF?
Yes, clinical trials for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis are going on in various countries. One can always enroll themselves in these trials in extreme cases. The trials focus on increasing life expectancy by slowing the progress of scaring. Their long-term goal is to find a cure for the disease.

Ques. Can IPF have any related disorders?
Numerous other lung disorders can be related to IPF, namely asthma, sarcoidosis, bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, drug-induced pulmonary toxicity, lung cancer, pulmonary eosinophilia, etc.

Ques. Is IPF a curable disease?
Till now it is not a curable disease, but the symptom progression can be slowed down with the help of various treatments namely oxygen therapy, medication, and lung transplant.

Ques. Is IPF a progressive lung disorder?
Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis is a progressive lung disorder because as the abnormal scarring increases the lung function decreases. This causes increased difficulty in respiration.

Ques. What causes the death of IPF patients?
IPF also causes related disorders which usually lead to death, namely heart attack, lung cancer, acute coronary symptoms, excess exertion.

Ques. Does Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis affect a certain age group?
IPF is usually seen in people over the age of 50.

Ques. Can IPF be stopped?
There is no such method to stop IPF, but one can always take necessary precautions and get medical tests, medications regularly to slow its progression.

Millions of people are being affected by this disease globally. More males than females, in the age group of 60-70. It is important to look out for the early symptoms and get medical attention as soon as possible. Ignorance in cases like these could cost a life.

Meditation: Beginners guide, Benefits, Side-effects, and More


What is Meditation

Meditation is an activity in which a person uses techniques like concentration or mindfulness to practice attention and stay aware, it is done to become emotionally and mentally stable.

The steps for meditation (beginners)

  1. Take a comfortable position(sit or lie down). If you are a big meditation fan, purchasing a meditation chair or cushion will not be bad.
  2. Shut your eyes.
  3. Don’t try to control your breathing (no extra effort).
  4. Focus on natural breathing.
  5. Concentrate on your breathing pattern and movement of your body with every breathe you take.

Can you title the problem of sleeping while meditation as “OK”?

If you sleep in between your meditation then do not worry, it is a natural and pretty obvious thing, but it gets frustrating when it starts to happen regularly.

To stay awake during your entire meditation round is not as tough as you think and can be practiced easily. You can easily find plenty of solutions that are quite easy, some of those easy ways to stay awake during your entire meditation session are –

  • Be consistent
  • Adapt your space — or move it
  • Manage stress
  • Open your eyes
  • Check your posture.
  • walk around
  • Join other people
  • Brighten the space

What happens to your body while meditating

The soothing capacity of repetition is the main idea of meditation. When you continuously focus on your breathing pattern, neglecting all those perpetual thoughts, and chant a particular mantra, your body builds a biological reaction towards relaxation.

Our body relaxes and works better, and if any mental condition is due to stress, anxiety, or any other thing.

The effects of meditation help control blood pressure, give a balanced metabolism, make the working of your heart efficient, and helps in giving a good and healthy sleep.

Once you become a regular performer of meditation, positive results like a calm mind, relaxed senses, and in intense cases sense of euphoria is experienced by you, it helps in emotional and well as physical hormonal balance.

Are music and meditation a perfect couple

Staying emotionally stable is the need of the hour nowadays. You lack the sense of dealing as well as reacting to problems if you are not well balanced both physically as well as emotionally, a well-balanced mind is a result of a calm body and relaxed soul.

Enjoying music along with your mediation helps you in achieving stability. It has often been said that people who meditate while listening to music undisturbed can balance all areas of their lives. They work out their problems in a better way.

They have better control over their relationships and deal with issues more easily as compared to a non – meditating person.

Benefits of Meditation 

When you meditate every day, you may reduce your overall anxiety, as meditation is likely to disrupt the connection between anxiety and distress. It helps you in neglecting the negativity and stressful situations of your life and contributes to positivity.


  1. Having a changed mindset towards stress and undesirable situations
  2. Reduces Anger
  3. Developing stress managing abilities.
  4. Boosting self-awareness
  5. Helps in concentrating on present
  6. Decreases negativity
  7. Increasing imagination and creativity
  8. Adds us to tolerance and patience
  9. Reduced Stress
  10. Emotional Balance
  11.  Increased Focus
  12. Reduced Pain
  13. Reduced Anxiety
  14. Increased Creativity
  15. Reduced Depression
  16. Increased Memory

How long to meditate?

Take small steps like beginning with 3-5 minutes will be fair enough.

Do not make a limited timetable for doing mediation, try to expand your schedule daily as it can prove to be beneficial if done regularly for a good period. As meditation makes you self-aware and helps you in distinguishing between the goods and bad’s of your life.

You will eventually get a feeling from inside to stop the meditation when you feel drowsy versus when you’re really “satisfied”. Leave the meditating experience to become your guide

When a person becomes a regular practitioner of meditation(2 or more months), then our brain starts undergoing some new activities, So to find out the exact activity that our brain undergoes, a study was done by Harvard University Researchers, Sixteen participants took part in this meditation program that was carried out for a time interval of 27 minutes every day for eight weeks.

After completion of 2months, the researchers found that parts of the brain related to activities like self-awareness, memory, emotional stability, learning, etc. were increased in volume. These results were astonishing and concluded that even a few minutes of meditation can add up to huge improvements in your brain.

Are there any side effects of meditation?

Psychologists who have studied meditation have investigated the question of adverse effects, there are situations when you will not feel satisfied even after meditating and it is normal, However, people suffering from psychological issues are not advised to perform meditation. We can not title it as dangerous, but you will surely have no benefits from meditation. If not, pushing yourself is not considered an ideal plan.


For ages, meditations are continuously proven to be beneficial both in physical as well as emotional and mental aspects, so try to indulge in the same regularly.

Jawline exercises: 9 Ways for Chiseled Jawline


Jawline and its Trend

Do you want to get rid of the double chin and get a sharp chiseled jawline? Well, then you are at the right place. A double chin occurs when a layer of fat is formed just below your chin. Double chins are not attractive, but a sharp jawline is, isn’t it?

Well, when you meet people, the first thing that you see about them is their faces. Believe it or not but attractiveness is really important to all humans. Everyone wants themselves to look attractive and their best. 

Studies tell that women prefer men more who have a strong muscular jawline. Just think about the actors having perfect chiseled jaws like Timothée Chalamet or Ian Somerhalder. 

As we grow and get age our face shape changes and sometimes with the increase in age the extra fat in our neck and jaw area tends to increase, and our muscles begin to shrink, due to which our jawline becomes less defined.

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But we can fight genetics as well as aging. Therefore, doing jaw exercises will help you to build a strong muscular jaw and give it a defined look.

The jawline is the most eye-catching feature and the most attractive one in both men as well as women, but most people are unaware of the exercises that might help to build a perfect jawline. 

According to the studies and researches, the following exercises not only help you get a perfect sharp jawline but also help you to get rid of the neck pain (if you have one):

What is a Chiseled Jawline?

According to the definition, the jawline is the external appearance of the jaw. Jawline consists of the bone structure that starts below from our ears and ends at our chin giving our face a proper cut and proper shape. Therefore, a chiseled jawline has a prominent bone structure and is considered one of the most remarkable and attractive features. 

What are different kinds of jawlines?

Depending on the face shape, there are different types of jawlines. Therefore, jaw shapes depend upon the face shape. There are several types of face shapes as shown below:

  1. Oval face 
  2. Oblong face 
  3. Triangle face 
  4. Heart face
  5. Diamond face
  6. Round face 
  7. Square face

Can you get a sharp jawline without surgery?

Yes, there are ways to get a sharp and prominent jawline without any surgery. With the help of jaw exercises, you can get a sharp chiseled jawline. But, what are jaw exercises?

Exercises for Chiseled Jawline

Jaw exercises are the exercise that targets your cheekbone, jaw, lip area and cheeks. These exercises give you a sharp and attractive jawline. Following are the exercises you should follow for a chiseled jawline.

  • Neck Curl up:

Begin from a neutral position. Lay down on the floor, lying on your back put your hand underneath your back. Now, tuck in your chin towards the neck and push your neck forward feeling it in your abdominal muscles. Now gently, lift your head facing towards the ceiling feeling the contraction in your abdominal muscles. Hold your head in that position for 2-3 seconds and then slowly bring it back to the floor and relax the muscles. 

Start with 3-4 sets of 10 repetitions and increase accordingly.

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  • Collar bone backup:

This exercise can be done in 3 ways: sitting, standing, or laying down on your back. 

Just keep your head at the level of the floor and then bring your head in the backward direction to feel the contraction in the muscles of your throat. 

Start with 3 sets of 10 to 15 repetitions and then increase the sets accordingly.

  • Tongue twister 

Placing your tongue to the top of the mouth. Press it against the roof of your mouth by applying pressure. Make vibrating sounds and start humming to activate your muscles.

Do at least 3 sets of 15 reps.

  • Making vowel sounds 

Making vowel sounds targets your mouth and the sides of your lips.

Open your mouth wide and make sounds of ‘O’ followed by ‘E’ without touching your teeth.

Do 3 sets of 15 reps.

  • Chin-ups

This exercise helps in lifting your face and chin muscles. 

Keeping your mouth close push your jaw out. Feel the stretch in your jaw and underneath your chin.

  • Smile

Smiling engages all your facing muscles. This is the kind of workout you can do anywhere, anytime. So smile as much as you can. Repeat this as much as you can and stay joyful.

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Some other simple exercises to get rid of double chin

Double chin is the biggest enemy of a perfect jawline. It is really important to get rid of a double chin to get a perfect jawline. To get rid of it, these are the basic exercises to do 

  • Open your mouth 

Open your mouth as wide as you can. This exercise targets platysma muscles and helps to get rid of the sagging chin and sharpen your jaw. 

For this exercise follow the steps:

  1. Open your mouth wide
  2. Take your tongue out 
  3. Try to touch your chin from your tongue 
  4. Do 10 sets of 10 reps 
  • Hanging your head 

It is an effective way to exercise your chin muscles. To do this exercise just hang your head at the edge of a bed or sofa. It helps to tone your platysma and make it strong.

These are the following steps to do this exercise:

  1. Lie on the edge of a bed or sofa 
  2. Hand your head on the edge of it
  3. Lift your chin towards your chest 
  4. Feel the contraction in your neck muscles 
  5. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat 10 times.
  • Chin lifts 

This exercise is used to strengthen and tighten the face and neck. This exercise not only helps to get rid of sagging skin under the chin but also tones the face.

To do the exercise follow these steps:

  1. Stand straight 
  2. Lift your chin toward the ceiling 
  3. Purse your lips as tight as you can 
  4. Hold the “Pout” for 10 seconds and do 10 reps 
  • Roll your neck 

Rolling your necks helps you to tone the muscles of your neck and under the chin. Follow these steps to do the exercise:

  1. Carefully turn to the side where your chin is parallel you your shoulders 
  2. Your eyes should look on the opposite side of the direction of motion 
  3. Slowly roll your head downward and then upwards 
  4. Do a set of 10 with 10 reps.

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  • Platysma exercise 

This exercise target platysma muscles that run from our chin down to our neck.

This helps to tighten but the sagging muscles and tone your neck. Follow these steps to do the exercise:

  1. Stand with an erect neck 
  2. Bring your chin forward and tighten the tendons in your jaw.
  3. Feel the contraction of the neck muscles 
  4. Hold the position for 10 seconds and then relax 
  5. Repeat the exercise 10 times 
  • Tennis ball exercise for chin 

It helps to tone the tissues under the chin. It also helps to get rid of a double chin.

Follow these steps to do the exercise:

  1. Try to hold the tennis ball under your chin 
  2. Press the tennis ball slightly with your chin 
  3. Try to move it back and forth holding it with your chin.
  4. Repeat 10 times 
  5. Do the exercise twice or thrice a day 
  • Mewing

Mewing exercises target the jaw forward, chin and face.

  1. Place the tongue on the top of the roof
  2. Make sure your molar teeth are resting on one another
  3. Feel the force on the roof of your mouth
  4. Old it for 15 seconds

Role of Food to get a sharp jawline 

  1. Consume less saturated fat and refined sugar

Unhealthy fats clog your artery. Unhealthy food is responsible for the fat under the chin, face, and neck.

2. Increase fiber intake

Eat more green leafy vegetables and increase fiber intake. You can burn fat and get a jawline by eating more fiber. Fiber helps to keep you full for a longer period and keeps you away from cravings and unhealthy snacks.

3. Superfoods

Losing weight can help you to get your jawline to look super attractive. You can boost your weight loss with the help of superfoods, like, berries to boost your immune system, green tea to help you lose weight.

4. Eat less salt

It helps to reduce the appearance of your puffy face and double chin. Sodium inhibits the body from producing fluids. 

5. Drink more fluids

Drinking more fluid prevents water retention and helps you to lose weight and get rid of double chin naturally. Drinking plenty of water benefits weight loss.

6. Cut out sugar and simple carbohydrates

Cutting sugar from your diet helps you to reduce face and chin fat, which automatically helps in getting a sharp jawline. Reducing simple carbs helps you to lose more weight and reduce fat.

7. Avoid alcohol

Alcohol consist of too many calories and too much alcohol can not only affect your outer experience but also harms the inside of your body. Alcohol to a large extent can lead to the fat under your chin neck and also on your face.

8. Chewing gum

Chewing gum helps to exert pressure on the muscles of your jaw. The constant motion of chewing helps you to strengthen the jaw and also defines it. Chisel and Jawliner are two professional chewing gums, you can also use any one of them for a better result

Best products for jawline

It is used for the exercise of the facial muscles and also helps in toning of neck and jaw. It doesn’t require hands to workout,i.e. you don’t have to use your hands for this exercise. It has 15 to 20 pounds of resistance.

How to use:

  1. First, boil it in hot water for 25-30 seconds
  2. Tap it to remove hot water or just put it in the cold water
  3. Take the Jawzrsize in your mouth and hold it firmly so that it fits comfortably.
  4. Hold it for 35 seconds and repeat 5 times.
Pros Cons
Helps to get rid of double chin
It may cause dental problems like tooth pain, bleeding gums, etc.
Increases blood flow
It is expensive
Increases oxygenation to the face and reduces face fat

This tool is used to tighten the facial muscles. It is made up of 100% rose quartz stone and won’t hurt your skin.

How to use:

All you need to do is apply facial oil or lotion on your face and give your face a massage by doing downward, upward and circular movements.

Pros Cons
Increases blood flow
Reduces soreness in muscles

It’s a skin-friendly tool used to lift the face and can be reused and washed with warm water.

It helps in tightening the skin and improve facial wrinkles, reduces double chin and, helps to get a sharp jawline. It improves facial contour.

How to use:

  1. Open the face slimming strap
  2. Adjust it to your face
  3. Close the hook
  4. Leave it for few minutes
  5. And repeat the steps
Pros Cons
It perfectly shapes the face into v-shape
It may cause acne if left on for too long
Reduce double chin
It's skin-friendly (causes no allergy)
It is adjustable and can fit into the faces of different shapes and size

It is a hydrating face mask that offers a lot of benefits. It is an anti-aging mask too that helps to make skin firmer and reduce wrinkles. 

How to use it:

  1. Remove the film and apply it from the center 
  2. Slowly press from both sides after adjusting 
  3. Now hang the ask openings behind your ears 
  4. Keep it for 1-4 hours maximum
Pros Cons
It Is made up of soft material.
It may cause acne if left for a long period.
It has a layer of cooling gel that reduces facial swelling and cleans our face.
It can't be used on sensitive skin.
It may cause discomfort in the ears as the mask applies pressure at the back of your ears.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Is genetics responsible for jawline?
Ans. The jawline is genetic by environmental experiences, like diet, etc. The jaw is based on genetics. Different factors can determine your jaw shape like body fat percentage, diet, jaw muscles, etc.

Ques. What is a weak jawline?
A weak jawline or weak chin means an undefined jawline. That means the edge of your jaw is soft and round.

Ques. Can we change the shape of our jawline?
Yes, we can change the shape of the jawline, but for that, you need to consult an orthodontist.

Ques. What kind of jawline is more attractive in men and women?
Most men and women prefer obtuse jaw angles. Strong jawlines are attractive to women whereas a square jawline on women is considered to be unattractive.

Ques. What is the role of our diet to get a better jawline?
Low sodium or low salt diet may help you to get a stronger jawline.

Ques. Why is facial exercise good for our jawline?
Facial exercise is important to give some work to your jawline muscle. So if you are following a nice diet and burning calories accordingly, you are close to achieving your goal of getting a sharper jawline.

Ques. What type of jawline is best?
Jawline having an angle of 120-130 degrees is considered to be the perfect jawline. It is called a gonial angle jawline.

Ques. What is a defined jawline?
The psychological study said that a defined jawline represents a strong personality, competitiveness, good stamina, whereas a soft jawline represents a weak personality. 

Ques. What are the different methods of toning jawline?
Different methods of toning Jawline are:

  1. Medication
  2. Therapy
  3. Jawline exercises
  4. Nutrition and diet

Ques. Can I lose weight by jaw exercises?
You might think that doing exercises for a particular body part may help you lose weight or build muscles in that particular area. But, you are wrong. During weight gain, fat gets stored in your chin as well as your cheeks. Therefore, while weight loss face is the first region to lose fat. But there is no evidence exercising a particular body part may lead to local weight loss.

Plant-based Diet: Its benefits, disadvantages and more

plant-based diet

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet refers to a diet that includes food from plants. Plant-based food includes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, cereals,  legumes. A plant-based diet is entirely made of plants and does not include animal meat or animal source food. However, it does not mean that a person following a plant diet avoids all animal products or is a vegan. A plant-based diet includes proteins and calcium that are derived from animal products like milk, curd, cheese, butter, etc. 

A person who follows a plant-based diet can also be called a vegan. But, the difference is vegan is a person who avoids all kinds of animal products. That includes;

A vegan avoids-

  • Milk (as it is an animal product)
  • Cheese
  • Cottage cheese also called paneer
  • Curd 
  • Leather
  • Soap (which includes animal byproducts)
  • Honey

Therefore, a plant-based diet can also include animal products like dairy products, honey, and even eggs. So basically, a plant-based diet has more proportion of plant than animal products.

Types of Plants-based diets

Plant-based diets are common of three types. That includes;

  • Lacto-vegetarian 

It means a person consumes dairy products like milk, curd. But avoids meat and eggs. It is believed that most of the vegetarian come under this category.

  • Vegan

A vegan is a person which exclusively includes only plant-based products in their diet. It avoids all kinds of animal-based products like milk, curd honey, leather.

  • Lacto-ovo-vegetarian

It means a person follows a plant-based diet that includes eggs and dairy products. But avoids meat.

Some are Pescatarian which means a person follows a vegetarian diet and also eats fish.

Hence, vegetarianism means following a plant-based diet. It is denoted by a green mark on a food product or any product. A product that has a green mark on it depicts that it is vegetarian.

Advantages of Plant-based Diet

There can be many advantages as well as disadvantages of a plant-based diet. Let us talk about it one by one.

  • Maintains the blood pressure

The plant includes potassium. Potassium lowers blood pressure.

  • Maintains cholesterol

Plants have zero cholesterol. A person who wants to control their cholesterol can follow a strict plant-based diet as animal products like meat, eggs, and fish increases the chances of high cholesterol.

Therefore, it does not mean that a plant-based diet does not include cholesterol. Eating junk like burgers, french fries, and soft drinks can increase cholesterol levels.

  • Good for heart

Good for the heart as it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol. It also improves the blood sugar level (not if you consume sugary products). It reduces the chances of a heart attack.

  • Helps in weight loss

A plant-based diet helps in reducing weight and therefore controls obesity. A person with a strict plant diet can lose more weight in shorter duration as compared to a person with a nonvegetarian diet.

  • Controls diabetes

A plant diet can reduce the chances of developing diabetes. Furthermore, if a person already has diabetes, it controls the blood sugar level.

There can be many more benefits like it does not put more load on the kidney which reduces the chances of dialysis in the future. Provides glowing skin and many more

Disadvantages of Plant-based diet

  • Deficiency of protein

Milk products provide protein but not sufficient protein and if a person is a vegan then it even becomes more difficult. Meat, eggs provide sufficient protein.

  • Difficulty to gain weight and build muscles

If a person wants to gain weight and build muscles. It becomes difficult for them to achieve their goal as there is a lack of protein.

  • Deficiency of iron, calcium, B12

A person who follows a plant-based diet often lacks iron, calcium, B12. It is very difficult to maintain these without animal products.

  • Need to maintain a proper diet

A person who is a vegetarian eats more junk like burgers, pizza, cold drinks. Which can lead to many drawbacks. A proper diet plan must be made in order to avoid other problems.

A person can be a vegetarian for ethical, cultural, and regional reasons. A person can be a vegan to avoid animal harassment. There can be many reasons. 

Vegetarian and glowing face

A vegetarian diet can also help in getting a glowing face and a perfect body shape. The secret includes-

  • First: As soon as you wake up in the morning drink lukewarm water and lemon. If vegan then avoids honey otherwise include honey for skin benefit.
    This will help in maintaining body shape and a pimple-free face.
  • Second: Drink plant juice which can be spinach or watermelon juice 

Another juices which will help you to maintain every aspect includes-

* Tomato
* Spinach
* Indian gooseberry (amla)
* Bitter gourd
* Bottle gourd

Grind all these and drink in the morning this will help you to stay fit, happy, clear skin, maintaining BP, cholesterol etc.

Lastly, every diet is fine unless you maintain and do not end with any health-related issues. It is everyone’s own choice to be a vegetarian or a non-vegetarian.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What is a plant-based diet?
Ans. Plant based diet includes food derived from plants. It includes vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumes, whole grain.

Ques. Who is a vegan?
Ans. A person who follows a plant-based diet and avoids animal products including milk, honey, leather, silk.

Ques. What is vegetarian?
Ans. A person is considered to be a vegetarian if he follows a plant-based diet and even eats dairy products.

Ques. What are the types of vegetarians?
Ans. Vegan, lacto- vegetarian, lacto-ovo-vegetarian.

Ques. What are the benefits of a plant-based diet?
Ans. It helps in maintaining cholesterol, maintaining BP, weight loss.

Ques. What can be the reasons for being a vegetarian?
There can be ethical, regional, cultural reasons.

Ques. Is there any demerit of being a vegetarian?
Yes, there can be like deficiency of iron, calcium, protein, B12.

Ques. Do restaurants provide pure veg food?
Yes, it offers pure veg food. 60% of the population in India is vegetarian.

Ques. Does being a vegetarian helps in overcoming obesity?
Yes, but only if you follow a good plant-based diet. Many vegetarian eats junks like a burger, pizza, cold drinks and expect themselves to be fit. But that is not true it is equally affected.

Ques. Can I start following a plant-based diet from now, previously being a non-vegetarian?
Yes, you can start it anytime. Legumes cereals will keep you energetic. Do not forget to include necessary ingredients and nuts seeds in your diet.

Exam Phobia: How to Overcome it and Preparation Strategies

exam phobia

What is Exam Phobia?

Exams are conducted to assess one’s knowledge, skills, competency, thinking power. It is an integral part of our life. So basically, it is conducted at every stage, right from the junior education until we are placed to a good company. The level of competition is also increasing day by day which is becoming the major reason for tension for most of the students. But this tension and anxiety will help you to ace the exam and succeed in the future. But only if it is limited to the line, once it crosses the line it becomes dangerous and can result in exam phobia, also called exam fever.

Every human faces some or the other kind of anxiety or phobia in their life. One such phobia can be exam phobia. Students become anxious, disturbed, tensed, sad, and angry too. It is considered a mental disorder. It means disturbance to the functioning of the mind. This may even affect the physical health of a child. It can affect the child during exams, before exams, and even after exams. It can also affect the performance in the exam. 

Many believe that a child scores fewer marks due the under-preparedness. But that is absolutely wrong, it is not always true. For instance, a child fears math. He/she may get tensed before the exam. Furthermore, it hampers the preparation as well. Even if they want, they cannot understand the concept because of fear. 

In most of the cases, student fears that they will forget the answers during the exam or they might not be able to write what they have studied. Many students decide not to appear in the exam. They feel that avoiding exams is better than failing. The reason can be fear of parents and even shame among the mates.

Common experiences in students due to Exam Phobia

  • They avoid appearing in the exam
  • They get a fever before the exam
  • Sometimes, they avoid interacting with their friends and family.
  • They become short-tempered
  • They feel demotivated and inferior that they cannot achieve anything in their life.

There can be many worst consequences of this, to avoid such consequences, every parent must support and understand their child. Love and support can solve any problem. Parents must understand that every child is different from each other. If one child is good in studies then the other one can be better in sports or any other field. 

Role of Parents and Teachers

No parents should force their child to score good marks. Instead, motivate them, have faith in them. Motivate them that they can do it, nothing is difficult. Show them love and affection, take care of them during exams and support them.

Do not scold them or beat them if they score less or fail. There must be reasons that they scored less. Understand the situation and then take appropriate action. Love and support can solve any issue. Furthermore, it helps to deal with any fear or phobia.

Adding to the above point, teachers also play an important role in a student’s life. A teacher understands a child much better than anyone else. They teach them so they know what a child can do and in which field or subject he is good in. Teachers must support the child instead of giving warnings and complaining to the parents.

Teachers must try to talk to the child personally that what could be the reason for scoring less or any other problem which hampers his/her performance. No one can understand a child better than a teacher when it comes to academics. They must discuss the issue, motivate them. 

Moreover, they should clear the concept and must discuss the subject which could be the reason for bad performance in the exam. Talk to them politely, or sometimes talk to them about their personal life because this creates a level of belongingness, understanding, and trust between the student and the teacher. 

How to overcome Exam Phobia

First of all, every child must believe that there is nothing in this world that cannot be solved.

Let us discuss ways to overcome this fear of exams-

  • Have faith in yourself

The most important thing in human life is to have faith in ourselves. See, no one can solve any issue or problem if you do not believe in yourself. If you cannot believe in yourself then how can you expect the other person to believe you? The first and foremost thing is to have faith in yourself. You can do it. You can fly with beautiful colors once you believe in yourself. Start believing in yourself and then see the changes. Just keep reminding yourself that “If others can do it even I can do it”.

  • Stay confident

It is very important to stay confident. Remind yourself of the good things that you have done or remind yourself of your other talents. Now the question is how to build confidence for exams. The key to gain confidence for examination is preparation. Preparation matters a lot. When you are prepared, you automatically get confidence. You will lose the fear.

  • Right preparation

Right preparation means the way you are preparing for your exams. Different students have different ways of preparing for the exams. They have their own strategies, level of understanding, timetable. Some students are good in academics and some are weak. So, it’s up to you to choose the category you want to fall under.

If you are weak, you will require more attention and more hard work. If you are not able to understand a subject, then find a teacher to teach you the concept. Nowadays, technology is so updated, utilize it. Watch videos on youtube and understand the concept. Join online apps for learning. We must do smart study. 

  • Right Timetable/schedule

Following the right timetable is very important. You must follow a strict and smooth timetable. Which is not hectic and difficult to follow. Prepare your own timetable with the duties and routine you follow each day. 

Just have a glance at this timetable and get an idea, then prepare your own timetable.

  • Get up at 6 or according to your school/college timing.
  • Once you get up drink lukewarm water with lemon, which will remove all the toxicity from the body.
  • Do five minutes meditation, which will help you to cope up with stress
  • Then follow your daily routine
  • After coming from the institution, take a rest or sleep.  
  • Wake up go for running
  • Then study, make your strategies, and study 
  • Sleep before 11 P.M
  • Talk to your parents

Talk to your parents about the problem you are facing, they will surely help you. Or else if you are comfortable, talk with your friends. Communication is very important to solve an issue. If you will not communicate then how will others understand your problem?

  • Maintain a good relationship with teachers

Having good relation with the teachers can help you to tackle such stress. Talk to your teacher, tell them you can understand, they will surely understand you and also they will help you to understand better.

  • Find another alternative to learn

If you are not able to understand the concept of a subject taught by your teacher, then choose another alternative to study. For instance, it can be YouTube videos or any other educational site.

  • Prepare neat and colorful notes

Yes, making colorful and neat notes gives you an urge to study and also helps you to understand a concept even more.

  • Ask your friends for help

A Friend can help you in many ways. Talk to them, ask them for help. Try to get help from them for your examination. You will surely understand the topic.

  • Prepare a goal sheet

A goal sheet is a sheet in which you mention all the topics and chapters you want to finish in a day. Make a realistic goal sheet and follow it strictly. Allocate more time to difficult topics and subjects.

  • Prepare a strategy and set a goal

Preparing a strategy is very important, plan out the topics or a chapter to complete in a day. Allocate an ample amount of time to a difficult topic. Learn from varieties of videos, if you are not able to understand from one. Allocate time to topics and chapters to complete in a day. Once you complete it mark a tick on the goal sheet. Your confidence will boost when you achieve the goal.

  • Practice

Try to solve many sample papers. Firstly, make a timetable to plan out your study routine. Once you complete the entire syllabus as planned, solve question papers. Practice examples sums or questions. Solve previous year’s question papers. Once you start solving these papers you will gain confidence. Moreover, you will build up interest in that subject.

  • Take initiative

Taking tensions and not taking any action is the worst thing to do. Do not take too much tension of exams. This will lower your confidence. It will kill your appetite to study. The next thing you will do is regret not studying anything. So better take an initiative. It is never too late to start a good thing. Start your preparation. Once you are regular and following your study routine strictly, it will make you much better in that subject. At least, you will gain some amount of confidence and understanding in that subject.

  • Take rest  

Do not burden yourself. Give time to yourself. Listen to music. Take a break in between. When you study continuously without taking any break, it kills your interest and your consistency too. Take a break in between to maintain your interest. Too much is too bad. Breaks will help you to boost up your mood. It will refresh you.

  • Stay consistent

Once you make a goal sheet, follow it every day. Do not take longer gaps. Once you take longer gaps, it kills your interest. You will forget the previous topics which you have learned. 

Tips to prepare for the exams

 Firstly, try your best to understand and learn a particular subject or topic from the teacher. If you still did not understand the concept.

Then follow these steps:-

  • Watch videos from youtube. There are varieties of videos on a particular topic. Explore those videos. Learn from it. Watch it with full concentration
  • Once you start watching the videos, make running notes.
  • Use highlighters, different color pens to make these notes because it will help you to gain more interest to study and when you read it during your examination, you will understand it much better.
  • Running notes must consist of every detail you find important.
  • After learning from the video and after preparing the running notes. Open your textbook or the guide you are following. 
  • Once you open the book, read the topics and try to understand them, and recap whatever you have learned from the videos. 
  • Sit with your running notes, when you are reading the book, understand the concept and then go through the running notes. It will help you to understand the concept even more.
  •  If there are diagrams or figures, then 
  • Practice those diagrams, maps, etc.
  • Try to write whatever you have learned from the topic.
  • If there are sums, then solve as many sums as possible.
  • For sums, first, solve examples. Once you solve the examples, you will get an idea of the questions.
  • Never ignore examples. It will help you to solve any kind of sums more easily.
  • Once you have understood everything with the above-mentioned procedure, try to solve question papers.
  • Solving question papers will give you ideas of a pattern of questions and it will also help you to manage time and to gain confidence.

Lastly, do not worry. You can do it. Anybody can do it. Just have a proper plan. You must have proper direction and guidance to fetch good things. Believe in yourself. Nothing is difficult. Just practice it and you will surely ace it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What is exam phobia?
Exam phobia is a fear of exams. It is a mental disorder, where a student fears that whether he will be able to pass the exam or not. 

Ques. What exactly happens in exam phobia?
In exam phobia, a person starts getting anxious that whether he will be able to pass the exam or not. He/she fears that what if he/she forgets the answers during the exam or whether he will be able to write what he/she had studied.

Ques. Is there any way to overcome exam phobia?
Ans. Yes, there are many ways. For instance, make a timetable, follow it strictly, take a break in between, believe in yourself, maintain a good relationship with your teacher.

Ques. Is it difficult to score good marks?
Ans. No, nothing is difficult. We just have to make up our minds that we can do it. Set goals and follow a proper direction to achieve the goal.

Ques. Why am I not able to understand a subject?
The possible reason can be fear, fear of the subject. To overcome the fear, start studying that subject. Take small steps in the beginning. Learn only one topic in a day. Once you start gaining interest, speed up.

Ques. How can I gain confidence?
Ans. In order to gain confidence, you must be well prepared with the syllabus. If you have enough practice. You will surely gain confidence. Go out of the box, do not limit yourself with books.

Ques. How can I succeed in the future?
Work hard in the silence and let the success make noise. Work hard right from now. Follow a good track. Do not distract yourself. Go out of the box. Learn varieties of things. Communicate well. Do not limit yourself. Experience practical things.

Ques. Why do we face exam phobia?
Ans. Our parents expectations and pressure makes us worried and this worry results in exam Phobia. We start developing the fear of scoring good and whether we will be able to fulfill their expectations or not.

Antisocial Personality Disorder vs Social Anxiety

Antisocial Personality Disorder vs Social Anxiety


The symptoms of antisocial personality disorder vs social anxiety are mostly alike and also share some common features, but we all should keep in mind that there is a lot of difference between them and are counted as separate mental health conditions. Because both of the conditions appear very similar in many ways, it’s very common for people to mistake the disorder or treatment of one for another.

People with social anxiety and antisocial personality have a fear of being judged or embarrassed in social situations. People tend to describe a person with these types of conditions as shy, timid, or even awkward

Many times just getting help from a psychologist is more important than having a specific diagnosis for any disorder as it mostly created a lot of confusion because of many similar symptoms. But many people are also eager to find what’s affecting them. Sometimes people are looking for the best approach to their treatment but due to the merging of many symptoms of separate mental health issues, misdiagnosis is very common to affect treatment and can make it very hard for a person to improve.

What is meant by antisocial personality disorder?

An antisocial personality disorder is a form of disorder that is very closely associated with personality. A personality disorder is related to a specific kind of mental health issue where the thought and behavior pattern of a person affects their daily life, and those with personality disorders generally experience difficulty in their personal and professional life because they have a very hard time understanding emotions of other people and their common situations.

People who suffer from antisocial personality disorder are often characterized as persistent antisocial, irresponsible, and tending towards criminal behavior. Those are often impulsive or aggressive, with no intention of harm or distress causing to other people.

What is social anxiety?

Social anxiety is a type of anxiety where a person has to face his fear of being in social situations. People who are having social anxiety worry a lot about making themselves embarrassed in public or doing something inappropriate that will cause many people to judge them negatively.

It’s way too common for people to feel scared or nervous about doing something embarrassing in front of the whole crowd, but the feelings of fear and anxiety that come with social phobia are way too distressing that they are capable of creating difficulty at work, school, or any other parts of their daily life. It is estimated that around 75% of people between the age of 8 and 15 are diagnosed with social anxiety.

Antisocial personality disorder vs social anxiety

There is a fundamental difference between antisocial personality disorder vs social anxiety disorder which relates based on how a person views their own experience and how they react to their pain.

Those people who go through anxiety disorder understand at a basic level that their anxiety is not rational and that the world doesn’t judge them too harshly as they judge their own selves. 

There has been always a debate whether antisocial personality is a more severe type of social anxiety among many mental health experts. Many times, these issues are often diagnosed together and tend to overlap at a point where they might seem to have a different perspective of the same concern.

While people with antisocial personality tend to avoid the crowd in most or all areas of life, social anxiety only involve avoidance in very specific situations. 

But those with antisocial personality disorder, lack this insight. They hold very deep-rooted feelings of worthless and insecurity that they believe they are factual.”

People with antisocial personalities often feel they are not scared of being embarrassed in the crowd but are socially awkward and way too inferior to others. They are way too sensitive to criticism and rejection and often avoid making friends or participating in any of the social events unless they are sure that they are welcome.

Feelings of self-loathing are more strongly associated with antisocial personality than social anxiety. This condition is very rarely diagnosed in children, though it often develops in childhood.

Risk factors

Experiencing, any negative events in childhood such as trauma, bullying, and abuse can increase the risk of social anxiety as well as antisocial personality. Any kind of neglection to a person particularly physical neglection increases the risk factor for antisocial personality.

According to the 2015 study comparing both the conditions found that having a feeling of being rejected by caregivers, or not getting desired affection in childhood increases antisocial personality.

Certain risk factors differ between the two conditions. Some of them are:

  • Some research has suggested that antisocial personality is more likely when someone’s physical appearance changes after some sort of illness.
  • Research suggests brain structure may help in contributing to anxiety. If your amygdala, which regulates the response of your fear, is very active, then people may experience greater anxiety in specific situations than other people.
  • Having parents with social anxiety increases the chances of you getting anxiety by 2-6 times.


Social anxiety and antisocial personality tend to have some similarities, and their approach to treatment may also be similar. But regardless of which condition you are suffering from, therapy always helps.

It’s very important to reach for help if you’re struggling with any kind of social situation. When social anxiety or antisocial personality go untreated, complications like depression, isolation, or substance abuse have more chances to develop. Some people also start to experience distress and loneliness.

Talking to your therapist can help you get in diagnosis. Seeing a psychologist can always help as it will always help to cope with the feelings you experience and in exploring methods of overcoming all these feelings. Therapy helps in becoming more used to others’ company as it makes it easier to participate in social situations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. What distinguishes social anxiety from antisocial personality?
Ans. Those with social anxiety have low self-esteem in social situations but they do not believe they are inferior. People with antisocial personality disorder internalize this criticism so completely that they start to believe that their pending hostile perspective is justified.

Ques. Can antisocial disorder cause anxiety?
Ans. About 50% of men with antisocial personality disorder show anxiety disorder as heightened responsiveness to threat helps in leading to persistent violent behavior

Ques. Does social anxiety worsen with age?
Ans. Anxiety disorders don’t necessarily get worse with age but it is shown that Anxiety becomes common with older age and is most common among middle-aged adults.

Ques. What is the treatment for social anxiety or antisocial personality disorder?
Ans. Therapy is recommended for both antisocial personality and social anxiety. A mental health professional can diagnose mental health issues. If you think you have symptoms of any of these you should make an appointment with a qualified counselor.

Ques. Is personality disorder not treatable?
Ans. This isn’t the case. They can be difficult to treat if you’ve had symptoms for a long time. But therapy can still be very helpful. People with antisocial personalities often seek treatment when they experience loneliness or distress as they are unable to participate in any kind of social event.


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